Sunday, 24 May 2009

You gotta love bank holiday weekends

Why? Because of the extra boot fair day, of course. Mind you, after going to a boot fair yesterday, and two today, I am almost booted out, will I have the energy to go to another one tomorrow? I am getting way behind with photographing and posting as well. Yesterday it was so dull and grey ( weather forecast got it wrong for us again ) that I couldn't be bothered to photograph much, and this morning wasn't all that much better. However, when we got back from the second boot fair, the sun was absolutely blazing and of course, that was too much, lolol, I am just never satisfied, eh?

Anyhoo, I have taken some pics of yesterday's little bits and pieces. Have fun looking at them, laughing at them and maybe drooling a little over one or another.

I bought a whole lot of linen and crochet doilies at one stall, whilst having a lovely chat with the two ladies behind it. My first find was this piece of damask. It was VERY long and narrow, and the ladies didn't have a clue what it was, just fabric to them. What it really was, was a strip of 6 of the most gorgeous, huge damask napkins/serviettes, which still had to be cut apart and hemmed on two sides, obviously. Perfect unused condition, and such a very pretty pattern of vines and grapes. In the second photo you can see where they should be cut apart and hemmed -

Then I found a huge damask banqueting cloth, again unfinished at the ends, again totally unused and with the prettiest floral damask pattern. I adore unused old damask linen, that wonderfully softly gleaming sheen when the light plays over the pattern -

On the same stall there was a pile of the cutest little doilies, some crochet lace edged, some completely crocheted etc. I ended up with 10 doilies, 3 really cute crocheted jam jar trims, a crocheted collar and the dinkiest little embroidered linen hankie case -

I love copper, it is such a beautifully warm, rich, glowing colour when it is polished. I managed to get a couple of copper things, a solid copper tray, which needs a good polish

and this somewhat primitive looking, but again solid copper thingy, not entirely sure what it is. It has a little tin dish under the domed lid, so I am going to use it as a tealight holder, I think it will look lovely in the garden in France -

This pretty little Huntley and Palmers tin also sort of fell into my granny shopping trolley, lol -

Nothing fancy, but this was quite a good sized glass jelly mould -

The next thing had the stall holder and me in stitches. Apparently, it is a kind of hat shaper, or rather something to keep your hat in the right shape. It is open top and bottom, and I think my suggestion of putting it around a nice plant wasn't quite what the stall holder was expecting -

I also took a fancy to this sweet little potpourri pot. Isn't that bunch of forget-me-nots the prettiest thing?

And I thought this teeny little milk jug, etched with dainty little flowers, would look lovely on the window sill with the light shining through, filled with some tiny flowers -

I was almost in tears when I found this enormous tablecloth. It has the most wonderful drawn thread work, covering practically the whole cloth, I had never seen anything like it, but........ it is damaged so badly, really beyond repair. Its just so very sad. I had to get it anyway, partly to just admire the incredible workmanship, and partly because I can't bear the thought of it just being thrown away. I can't repair it, there is just too much damage everywhere, but there is so much which can be reworked into something else, something beautiful -

I am always looking out for beads which can be recycled and given new life in a new piece of jewellery, and I managed to find a couple of bits of pieces on one stall. I don't normally buy rings, but I justn't help myself, I couldn't resist two rings on the stall. Both are continental I think, stamped 925, one is very square and solid and has this gorgeous huge stone, I thought it could be a moonstone, and the other one is this dinky little ring, just perfect for my tiny fingers, with a gorgeous blue stone. I am so hoping that it will turn out to be an aquamarine, but I don't know anything about these things so I will have to ask someone better informed. They are pretty dirty and need a jolly good clean -

Well, thats almost it, apart from the above, I got myself a brand new pair of cosy pink slippers and a sleeve board, which I had been looking for for a while. Total spend at Saturday's boot fair - £11.15.

I think this post is quite long enough without me starting on today's lot. I'll do that tomorrow, and tomorrow's the day after. Oh heck, roflmao, does anybody think this is perhaps getting a wee bit out of hand??

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, xx


Floss said...

Well, it's very entertaining for us, so don't worry on our account! Lovely fabrics. How much do you have to bargain with the vendors to get those prices?

However, Lululiz, I have a bone to pick with you. After a great family day yesterday, full of beautiful things to reflect on as I turned out the light, what song instead invaded my thoughts? I imagine you've guessed it: 'Too shy, shy, hush, hush, eye to eye...' And that got me to trying to work out what on earth the phrase 'moving in circles, won't you dilate?' was meant to mean, so it was a bizarre thing, falling asleep last night! Beware - you only have to mention an 80s song to me and I'm off...

So I guess you've got your own back after I set you that challenge.

Liz said...

Well done on your bargains!!! I love the little milk cute!

Croap Queen said...

"A little out of hand...."? Ermm, could be L :-)
Are you booting tomorrow weather permitting or are you booted out after all those treasures you found?

Hippy at Heart said...

Blooming gorgeous Liz. Shame about the drawn thread cloth but it's still gorgeous. Love that milk jug and doilies

Olga said...

Lululiz, these are all wonderful things! The tablecloth is magic - frankly the damage gives it some character and makes it more 'vintagey' - at least what is seen on the picture. Can you imagine how much time and love someone had to invest in it in order to make it look like it does, it is an amazing piece, really!

Lululiz said...

Mwuaaaahhhh, Floss, revenge is sweet! Mind you, talking of 80s music set me off as well, I got this stuck in my head - Relax, don't do it, when you want to get to it, relax, don't do it........

As to bargaining with people, well, thats expected at boot fairs, isn't it? I do try and haggle most of the time, but sometimes even I pay over what they ask, lol, I mean, 50p for a tablecloth, can't really argue with that, eh? I don't even bother if the stall holder starts with a really high price. I have learned to just pass those. Can't be arsked, lolol.

And Croapqueen, you'll be pleased to hear that its pissing down this morning and the bootfair is cancelled as far as I know, waaahhhhhhh.

Liz and Olga, thank you so much for your comments, I always love reading what you gals think.