Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Globe de Mariee

Coveted, lusted after, longed for and finally found, a Globe de Mariee.

You can't imagine how happy I was when I finally got it. I had seen an advertisement for it, but I wasn't sure that my still limited French would be good enough to phone the seller and talk to him about it. So, to the rescue came our wonderful friend Franck, who did all the arranging for me, and on Sunday afternoon we set of on a 1 1/2 hour drive to see the Globe. The gentleman who was selling it was lovely, so friendly and full of smiles. He told us that the Globe de Mariee had come from his wife's mother's family, years and years ago ( insert typically French gesture of throwing hand over shoulder and going 'ouffff' with a very expressive face, lol ). It dates back to around 1870, Napoleon III era, and it is absolutely jaw droppingly gorgeous. Yes, the glass dome has a crack in it. Do I care? No. Because whats inside is absolutely perfect. See for yourself -

I took the glass dome off for the photos, so that you can see the details properly -

The actual couronne de mariee resting on the velvet cushion is in perfect condition, the wax flowers still beautifully soft white. Also pinned to the velvet are a boutonniere and a tiny spray of wax flowers.

The mirror at the top is so prettily engraved with a bird and flower design -

 The velvet cushion is studded with tiny little flowers, can you see them peeking through the wax flowers and buds? -

Such beauty!

One of these days I must read up again on what the various bits and pieces mean. I am sure I read somewhere a while ago that the ornaments and mirrors have special meaning. I'll let you know if and when I find out.

I did find out, I saw the information on this lovely blog - Fete et Fleur -

The meanings behind symbols

The orange blossom for virginity

The rose for eternal love

The daisy for innocence or purity

Ivy leaves symbolized commitment

Lime leaves symbolized fidelity

The tree was a symbol of strength and love

Ears of wheat were symbols of fertility or referred to the resurrection of life. They often represented the number 7 to recall the 7 days of the week.

Four-leaf clovers, a symbol of good luck

The fig leaf for prosperity, often paired with clusters of grapes

The oak leaf for longevity and strength to the couple

The presence of a bird holding a laurel wreath meant that as the bird makes its nest, the woman builds her family. A dove expresses the desire for peace in the home.

Joined hands symbolized the union of the couple

The shapes, numbers and positions of mirrors had varied meanings in the overall composition of the Globe de Mariage.

The central mirror evokes the reflection of the soul, the truth

Rectangular mirrors were related to the number of years between the couple’s meeting and the promised marriage

The oval mirrors were good luck gifts offered by the bridesmaids

The number of small diamond-shaped mirrors represented the number of children the couple wished for

The trapezoidal mirror symbolized the perfect agreement

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Monday, 24 February 2014


Do you have a special bag/tote you take with you when you go hunting for treasures at flea markets/estate sales etc? I DO NOW! A few weeks ago I won one of the gorgeous totes Petite Michelle Louise was giving away on her blog. The perfect grey, the perfect pattern, and a darned good size as well. And on Saturday afternoon the post lady delivered it to me at our little cottage on the hill! I am so delighted with it. I was going to take it with me to a brocante on Sunday, but I hadn't been able to take photos before it was time to leave, so its first outing will have to wait until this Sunday, when there is a brocante in the little town nearest to us.

Yesterday, the weather was just lovely, and I took some photographs of the tote and a couple of little things I had found in the morning -

A little silver plated candy basket -

The tiniest rosary I have ever come across, it is so delicate -

A 'taste vin', wine tasting cup -

 A vintage absinthe spoon with a lovely star design -

Champagne bucket -

Some kind of advertisement thingy for a medication -

I should have saved this post until Thursday, for Petite Michelle Louise's GREY DEY THURSDEY party, but I wanted you to see the pretty tote now! I'll link this post up to the party later on in the week.

Yesterday afternoon, we drove 1 1/2 hours to meet somebody who had advertised a Globe de Mariee. I have been lusting after one for so long, but usually they are so very expensive, hundreds of Euros when they are complete and in great condition. This one was reasonably priced because the glass dome had cracked and been repaired ( badly ). But hey, this was for me, not for selling, and I didn't mind about the damage to the dome. OMG, I couldn't believe my eyes when the seller showed me the Globe de Mariee. It was bigger than I had expected and it was BEAUTIFUL. Really, really gorgeous. I was soooooo happy. At the moment, it is still in a box upstairs in a bedroom, snuggled into my cardigan, which I had wrapped around it for safety. This afternoon, I will take it out and place it on the little dressing table. And take photographs. Many many photographs, lol. 

Toodlepip xxx

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Pink Silk Blossom

Every now and then I have a little pink moment, like  a couple of days ago, when I came across a few battered old silk blossoms I had stashed away at the cottage. When I spread them out on the little table by the window, the little pink roses looked so sweet against the very light green of the dried hydrangeas, I had to take a few pics -

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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Baking on a Grey Dey

Did I say Baking? Errmm, well, not exactly, lol, just admiring some sweet old French baking forms, thats all. It is a rather grey day though, a nice all over pearly grey, just the right colour for Petite Michelle Louise's GREY DEY THURSDEY party!

I found these little darlings at the antiques fair on Sunday -

Thank you for all the lovely comments on the lace I showed in the last couple of posts. It is good to know that I am not the only one who goes a little weak at the knees over these beautiful things.

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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Aaaah, lace! PART 2

Did you enjoy looking at the laces I showed yesterday? If you thought they were fantastic, just wait until you see what I have for you today. Yesterday's lace was gorgeous, of course it was, especially those amazing oval lace motifs, but today's bits are SPECIAL. But I'll start of nice and gentle with some 'ordinary' lace -

And here is a hint of what is to come, see those bits at the sides? -

Three amazing pieces of 19th Century work. First, this heart achingly beautiful small baby bonnet -

Beautiful whitework embroidery, the finest lace insets, gauzy fabric and the most beautiful lace and silk ribbon ruffles.

I had to use a candle as a stand, lol! Isn't this just divine?

The next one came from the same seller, so perhaps it belonged to the same child when she was a little older, as this bonnet is bigger -

Stunningly beautiful delicate broderie anglaise work and of course more fine lace

I could drool and ooh and aaah over these darling little bonnets all day long.

But there is another piece, rather more grown up.


Only the most stunning big lace collar I have ever owned. I was literally speechless for a few moments when I saw it and too afraid to ask the price. But there was no way I could leave this piece behind -

Jaw droppingly gorgeous, right?

Gotta go and fondle some lace now ;-).

Toodlepip xxx

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