Tuesday, 5 May 2009

JJ - I've been invited to Lalaland

Well, I've been invited to post on Lalaland for a reason which escapes me. Why on earth would you think I'd be more or less permanently in Lalaland these days? Errrm maybe this will help.

A certain person (the title of the blog should give you a clue as to who this might be) sent me a link to a funky crochet cushion yesterday. Made from granny squares with flowers, I had a quick go at the pattern last night and it wasn't difficult at all. For some reason, this morning after I'd clocked in early to Lalaland I decided I'd unpick a hideous old jumper and make my own version of the cushion.

Doesn't look too much hassle, does it? Hah!

Oh dear, here we are about 4 1/2 hours later and this is all I've achieved. I thought it was a badly put together jumper when I looked at it, but it seems I was wrong. Ruddy thing is so fiddly I'm losing the will to live. I don't know about a crochet cushion - might end up as a pincushion.

And so, if I survive tonight here in Lalaland, I shall carry on doggedly and we'll see what happens. Don't hold your breath though - it might end up in the bin. JJ

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Hippy at Heart said...

JJ, how could you have ruined a perfectly lovely jumper. Wished ya'd shown me before you killed it. Waaaahhhhh!!!!