Thursday, 21 May 2009

Sea, sunshine and silly dogs

Wasn't it just the most glorious day today? The sky was a fabulous blue, its reflection tinting even our usually very grey sea lovely shades of blue. It was warm, breezy, in short it was an outdoors day. First thing this morning, when the doggies did their gardening ( tearing up the grassy slopes by running up and down at 150 miles an hour, and squashing the very few plants left in the borders by plonking their behinds down on them ), I was out there with them, just soaking up the sun. I was admiring the beautiful colour of the California Lilac, when I became aware of a deep humming, and then lots of tiny movements in the tree, and to my amazement I saw that there were dozens and dozens of bees, alighting on the flowers for a few seconds, busily flying off to the next one, and the next one, and making a wonderful display of gentle industriousness.

It was a very lovely sight to see, especially as there are so many worries about bees at the moment. I hope you can see the one bee I managed to take a pic of, lol! Silly things wouldn't hold still for me! I did wonder whether somebody in the neighbourhood was perhaps keeping bees. Hmm, I'll have to make enquiries.

In the afternoon we took the doggies to the beach. OMG, did they go nuts there, they loved loved loved it so much. Poppy is much more adventurous than Hector, she is in and out of the waves constantly, but even Hector managed to run through the waves a few times, not because he likes the water, lol, but because he was totally concentrating on chasing Poppy and didn't realise where she was leading him!

Crappy photo, but just look how blue the sea was today -

And just look how gorgeously blue the sky was -

We do believe in making the doggies work for their fun though, Poppy has to carry her own toys down to the beach -

Once down on the sand, that was it, they were off -

I am always amazed how colourful and interesting the beach is close up, when from a distance, it looks all so samey, grey-browny. All those tiny little things littering the sand, or growing on the rocks which are usually under water, are so fascinating -

We went home with two very tired, very wet and very dirty doggies, who promptly fell asleep as soon as we got back. BLISS!


Lisa Brown - Vintage Sweet Peas said...

Love, the photos....Happy are those dogs!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, love your blog, I've added it to my blogroll. xxxx

Liz said...

Nice to see them having so much fun! OUr dog Lady loves the beach but we don't get there very often...beaches are so restricted in letting dogs on them now, shame for responsible dog owners.

Lululiz said...

Aww, thank you, girls, for the lovely comments, they always make me smile and I really appreciate them. And Liz, I know, it is such a shame that so many beaches now have restrictions, but when you see how some idiots treat open spaces, then one can understand why. We are well stocked with nicely scented baby nappy sacks, lolol!

Floss said...

Marvelous photos - I shall have to call my son to come and see your dogs, as he would love to see them having fun in the water, and is also trying to identify different dog breeds at the moment!

There's a challenge for you on my blog today if you would like to accept it!

Lululiz said...

Ooher, a challenge? Errmm, I am brave, let me at it!!! Gulp.

Liz said...

We use cheap nappy bags too! Cheaper than pet shop poo bags. I do agree how disgraceful some people treat areas. We often see nappies left in car parks at beauty disgusting!