Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The day Her Majesty knocked on the door

Oh yes, yesterday was one of those far too rare days when Her Majesty the Croapqueen deigned to call upon her loyal subject again. Couldn't find the red carpet, but what the heck, I found my garden bench again the day before, when my darling son and I finally managed to get the jungle in the front garden (almost) under control. The plan was for us to perch on the bench and happily crochet the day away in the lovely warm sunshine. Hmmm.

So, on the morning of her visit, we quickly went to to pick up those lovely old cast iron and wood garden chairs, which I had managed to get on Friday. They were a bit more throne-like than a common old garden bench and witch a soft and fluffety cushion more suited to a Royal behind perhaps -

Even my little bit of Clematis decided to flower in honour of Her Majesty the Croapqueen's visit

But, alas, Her Majesty was not in the mood to smile benevolently at her loyal subject

She did, hoever, allow me to make her a coffee, and she also shared her wonderful crochet projects with me. The orange, yellow and black croilie was a sight to behold!

After the coffee we decided to womble into town. We might have had a little accident in one of the shops, somehow, not entirely sure how, we ended up with piles and piles of yarns. Here's her Majesty with her little haul -

And my new stash for a bright and cheerful wiggly wavy ripply blanket for the garden in France

We had a quick lunch and then got into some serious crocheting, lol. Unfortunately, we had to stay inside, because the weather had turned really cold and grey. Pfft, so much for me breaking my back doing some gardening, just so that we could sit outside.

She taught me how to do different flowers as well as a flower granny square, yay! Time just flew by while she rippled and I flowered, listening to some gentle music and chatting away. The day was over all too soon again and Her Majesty departed, sigh. We were both crocheted out and didn't even look at yarns later in the evening. Now I am desperately trying to finish my bag so that I can start on a new project. As the dogs got me up at 6am again, I thought I might as well use the quiet time to sew in all those millions of loose ends. Three hours later, lol, and I had just about finished that task. Now I just need to assemble it all, fingers crossed.


Croap Queen said...

Her Maj is somewhat miffed that One's subject has posted a pic of One, when One's subject promised faithfully that that wouldn't happen. Hmph.

One did however have a very nice time crocheting away - like 2 little old dears we were. The only problem was a slight foul odour emanating from one of the doggie's bottoms (Hector is his name should any other subjects visit Hastings - you have been warned).

cottonreel said...

Love that yarn , I have quite a stash myself .
I would really like to tackle a shawl I have seen somewhere , I do have a pic,. I think it is labelled Irish . It appears to be seperate leaves caught together . It really is beautiful