Monday, 25 May 2009

I am sulking, big time

Bank Holiday Monday, and of course it is chucking it down, waahhh, so much for me going to another boot fair today. The biggest local-ish one, too, sniff, sniff.

Ah well, I have lots of work to do for the craft fair next weekend, labels to be made, products to be made, so I suppose an extra few hours will come in quite handy. Also, it means I can share some more boot fair finds with you, yesterday's haul.

Here we go, with the early morning one.

I fell in love with this little Paragon bowl, so beautifully decorated with roses, had to have that for our cottage in France. It was probably a sugar bowl in a previous life, but it will look beautiful on one of the dressing tables, maybe filled with some vintage diamante jewellery -

This tiny Limoges perfume atomiser will also look pretty in one of the bedrooms -

This little copper chappy can hold a little plant -

And this poor, neglected and very sad looking copper kettle will join the copper kitchen stuff, AFTER it has had a jolly good clean up -

I'll post a pic of it again, once I have had a chance to polish it up.

I usually find at least one piece of embroidery or linen to take home, and yesterday was no exception. I found this lovely tablecloth, with an unusual motif, very pretty whitework embroidery, with a large peacock in the centre!

I am always on the lookout for things to photograph my soaps with, it gets a bit tedious photographing them in a white box all the time, so I was pleased to find this little soapdish, which had been bought in Singapore, apparently -

This really pretty and quite large shell will also appear in some soap shots -

Only bought one iddy biddy broken string of beads, but they are very pretty, I think they are garnets, I compared them to some garnet beads I have, but of course I could be totally wrong and they are just glass. I don't care though, they are such a beautifully rich, deep colour -

That was almost it. Last but not least were three paperback books, just a bit of light reading for bedtime -

Total spend at the early morning boot fair - £4.80

I might try and update this post with the second Sunday boot fair later on today, for the moment, I have to leave blogging, get out of Lalaland and do laundry!



Croap Queen said...

Just a few bits and bobs again then L. Very nice finds as usual. I covet your soapdish :-) reminds me of when I was little and lived in Malaysia.

It's only just started raining this side of the Downs - you should have ventured into East Sussex instead for a boot fair or 3.

Floss said...

Great stuff - the peacock is wonderful! You ARE spending less than me - how much do you bargain?

Lululiz said...

I really don't bargain all that much, Floss, I have just learned to avoid the traders, who charge a lot and usually refuse to haggle, I go to the "real" booters, the families who are clearing out stuff just that once.

Croapy, it was chucking it down until around 10.30, then it slowly cleared up, by lunchtime it was blazing hot, and now we have thunderstorms, great, eh? Oh, and just wait til tomorrow, til I post pics of the beads from the beady people, teeheee. You'd hate them.

Croap Queen said...

Raspberry, raspberry, raspberry. And, who you callin' Croapy?