Wednesday, 6 May 2009

JJ - Brighton Rock

I've wanted to know how to do ripple crochet for ages now, and thanks to Lucy's instructions it was really easy. I did a bit and then a bit more and ended up with a strip.

With absolutely no use for a strip of wavy pink & white crochet, I kept going and decided to make a prototype purse/pouch type thingy. It was a bit fiddly and there are a couple of mistakes in the crochet (caused by a certain 'phone call from a certain person nagging me to hurry up and finish it) but they seem to work in quite well. Anyway, today in Lalaland, a pink stripy purse seems to have been on the agenda.

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Liz said...

That is a fantastic idea for the practice piece! I was going to continue with mine to make a scarf but this is quicker! I'll have to copy your idea!!! lol