Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Looking back to Spring and Summer in France

It is probably a bit boring for you, looking back over the last six months to Spring and Summer, when we are hurtling towards Christmas, but I would like to keep the blog going as a bit of a diary for myself. And some of you may even enjoy the photos of life in France :-).

Lets start with Spring then and a little drive in the countryside. I think we were on our way back from lunch at a little restaurant in Poil and decided to drive to Luzy for some shopping. That took us past a little village called Larochemillay. I had always been fascinated by the beautiful large house high up above the road and so we decided to drive up to the hilltop and have a look -

Most of the actual house was hidden behind tall walls and very large trees though, so we couldn't really get a proper look at it, just the gatehouse

The little village had some lovely old properties

A statue to the men of the village who lost their lives during WW1

Wisteria clad houses of course

Love this large double fronted house

The GR13 is one of the major pilgrim walk routes to Santiago de Compostela, and it goes right past our cottage. We get pilgrims coming past, sometimes with their donkey, and have often fed them, even sheltered them overnight. To do the whole route takes quite a few months.

On the way to Luzy we came across a couple of interesting properties, one below the road

and this beauty next to the road

The French countryside is full of surprises.

And to finish off the post, a couple of pics of Poppy and Hector of course, enjoying the Spring sunshine

Toodlepip xxx