Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Catching up

It seems we had quite a busy bank holiday weekend, but I am finally catching up with things. So, here are the last bits and pieces from the weekend's boot fairs. These came from the late start Sunday boot fair.

I got all excited when I spotted this lovely beaded fringeing on one stall -

and even more excited when I unearthed this in a paper bag, a piece of gorgeous Victorian jet beaded fringeing. I have to confess to fondling it for quite a while, lol -

This Edwardian copper planter had seen better days, the rim is somewhat "fluted" to put it kindly, lol, but its big and bold and solid copper, and I love it -

And a couple more copper bits, dirty, dull, and in desperate need of a polish, but luuurvely -

Isn't this just the dinkiest, girliest, fluffiest, loveliest little powderpuff? To-die-for pink swansdown with a pretty little pink bow, never used as far as I can tell -

I bought it really to go with one of the one-off crystal powder bowls I have been collecting, filled with the talc free body powders I make, but it is so lovely, I may just have to keep it for myself.

Still going with the soap business side of things, I found another shaving mug, this time a Crabtree & Evelyn one, to go with the shaving soaps I make, again special edition one-offs -

When I look at the things I have bought over the years, it really looks like I collect just about anything under the sun, lol. But come on, tins are not just collectors items, they are so useful! They can be filled with buttons, and pens, and beads, and a million other things, so I didn't feel at all guilty for adding this little darling to the others. It is a Cadbury's Three Queens tin -

Can't go to a boot fair without getting a necklace or two to recycle, remake, restring, lol. That lovely green one is some kind of stone, no idea what, the other one is plastic, but so pretty -

I thought I had done quite well until then, total spent £5.40, that was until I hit the last row and spent 15 minutes and £5 all at the same stall! Almost unheard of for me, lolol, but this is what I spent the fiver on, thinking all the time how happy my friend JJ would be for me -


Oooh, oooh, look, drool, swoon, drool some more, Swarovski crystals -

Thats it folks boot fair wise, probably for a little while. I won't be able to go booting this weekend, I have a two day craft fair to do, but I may be able to squeeze one in the weekend after, weather permitting.

Hmm, I just had a thought, I suppose I really oughta mention another purchase I made, which was loads of dosh for me to spend at a boot fair, but................ they are plants, so they don't count. I bought two hanging baskets absolutely frothing over with the most delightful pink petunias. The baskets are massive, and I so adore that gorgeous light pink. They are for the garden, which is outside the house, so they are not part of any collections, so there.



Floss said...

The fringeing is really lovely. I like the sound of the sets you're putting together to go with your soaps and powders, too! How big are your houses, to fit all this in?

Lululiz said...

Oh Floss, I think I could live in a castle and I would still manage to fill it, lol. We do have a large Victorian semi here in England, but the cottage in France isn't all that big, yet, we are hoping to convert the barn to another living room and a couple of bedrooms in the future. Plenty of space to put up a shed or two, though, lolol.

Croap Queen said...

Err, your mate JJ here, and I am sulking at all those beady things you found AGAIN. Hmph, and double hmph.

Sarah said...

I wonder if the necklace is jade maybe? Loving your fringing, so lucky to find those. And the coppers are fantastic!! Of course the petunias are also just as lovely. Nothing like a bit of colour in the garden. I have geraniums for colour at my front door, and I just love them. Thanks also for your lovely comment on my make-up cake. Nice to meet you!

MarmaladeRose said...

ooo! Lovely finds. Lots of eye candy!