Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Surprise, surprise

I am a hoarder, I admit it, and I can't resist bargains at boot fairs or in charity shops. So it is hardly surprising that I am not always entirely sure what I have actually got stashed away in various nooks and crannies, boxes and cupboards. But hey, girls, isn't that half the fun, finding things you had forgotten about, discovering treasures you didn't know you had? Happens to me all the time, lolol, I start looking for something and then get totally sidetracked because I have found something to drool over, which I had totally forgotten I had.

Yesterday was such a day. I was looking for a piece of fringeing, to trim a cushion with, and there, in one box, amongst kilometers of fringeing and braiding and various other bits of passementerie, I found a golden box -

Hmm, Lanvin box, couldn't exactly recall where I got it, and most definitely couldn't recall what was in it. Maybe I just got it because it was a golden box?? But when I opened it, it all come flooding back. Of course, boot fair, 2 summers ago! What a lovely surprise it was, too. The box was filled with small crocheted granny squares! I remember picking the box up at the boot fair, thinking it was just an empty, but pretty, shiny, golden box, and being totally delighted when I found all those tiny squares inside. They are so dinky, only about 8cm square, and in pretty bright colours. Goodness knows what I was thinking of making with them, there are definitely not enough squares to make a blanket with. But perhaps a bright cushion for the garden in France?

Some squares were already sewn together. I may just have to undo those, though -

I guess this could be my next project, finding a good use for all these funky little squares. Wish me luck! Oh, and needless to say, I never did find a suitable piece of fringeing, lol, but who cares, I found the squares.


Croap Queen said...

Only you could find a box full of already done square :-) And as for you getting sidetracked? I don't believe it for a minute.....

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. Like you I love lace, I have boxes full of it and still keep buying more. I am about to start on a crochet course soon and hope to be able to make some granny squares soon!
I was interested in reading that you make soap as a friend of mine makes soap too Linda at 'Merrywood'.She is usually at the country living fair and at other events. Not sure if your paths are crossed? The scent must be wonderful in your household with all the soaps!
Isabelle x

Lululiz said...

Hi Isabelle, a girl can never have enough lace, right? Its not so easy to find nice lace at boot fairs anymore. I rarely come across some. It is a little better in France, you can still find some good bargains at the vide greniers.

I haven't come across your friend Linda, yet, but who knows, we might well meet at some point in the future. Soapmaking is wonderful, and yes, the upstairs, where I make the soap, does smell rather good.

Floss said...

Thanks for that flower tutorial link! I shall have a go at it, because I was looking for a more 3-D design, and that one seems right... I'll post a pic of the results! Thanks again, and I love your little surprise box here!