Sunday, 20 November 2016

A Christmas Wedding

A few days ago, a dear friend asked me whether I could possibly make her some tags to put on the Christmas tree which would be put up at the wedding of her son just before Christmas. Of course I said yes! It turned out that combining Christmas with Wedding and Vintage and Lace and Bling and digital collage elements which she liked a lot wasn't all that easy, lol. I can't do digital collages, I am strictly a cut and paste girl. I found some lovely vintage French wedding images to combine with the elements she had emailed me, and finding lace and bling is never a problem in my workroom :-). This is what I managed to come up with -

Finally finished them today. Fingers crossed that they will make it across the sea in time for the wedding.

Toodles xxx

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

The Heart

When you look at the photographs below, you won't need me to tell you who created this stunning heart. It is immediately recognisable as her work, her style is unmistakable. 

A little while ago, we had a swap, this precious friend of mine wanted to make me one of her beautiful hearts in exchange for some fabrics and metal bits for her art. Of course I was absolutely delighted and I managed to send her some bits and pieces before we left for France. What I didn't manage to do was to take photos of the gorgeous heart which arrived the day we were leaving for France :-(. We got back a few days ago and I so wanted to take photos, but the weather frustrated all my plans, it has been horribly dark and grey and raining most of the time. I gave up waiting for a sunny day today, and took some photos anyway, so the close ups are not the best. But the heart is a ray of sunshine all by itself anyway :-). And here it is -

The back is so beautiful as well -

It hangs right by my desk, within touching distance, lol, so that I can feel the beautiful textures all the time -

Of course you all realised straight away that this heart was made by Suzy from Suzyqu's Threadworks ! Love, love, love it!

Toodlepip xxx