Friday, 29 May 2009

JJ - just another day in Lalaland.......

.....of which, I'll have you know, I am a founder member.

Well, this gives me great pleasure - my other half has a box of antique lace which he inherited from his Grandma. As far as we know, it was all made in India at the beginning of last century - one picture has a label with the date of manufacture etc in good detail.

So, here goes with the pics - this should work as a payback for LLL for posting all those goodies lately. Ahhh, revenge is sweet :-)

P.S This is only a small selection of the lace he has.


Lululiz said...

How to lose a friend in ten seconds - post pics of utterly gorgeous lace and taunt friend with them. You used to be my friend, JJ, now you are on my blacklist. Waaaahh, how could you do this to me? Precioussss, I wants it, I covets it. Co-authorship is hereby withdrawn, humph.

Croap Queen said...

You a tad miffed L? Snigger. You love me really though :-)

Floss said...

Hang on, who are you?

Anyway - fantastic lace, and she deserves to feel jealous. I was literally green at her last lace pictures.

Some of your lace is from Malta. Anything with that Maltsese Cross on it (like four triangles put together to make a cross) is Maltese Lace, and was only made on that island, as far as I know (and I'm fairly sure). The others are a similar lace-making technique (my mum studied this stuff) but don't have the cross. This would make them, if they were British, 'Bedfordshire Maltese' which is a copy of the Maltese technique made mainly, (you guessed it) in Bedfordshire. However, it's perfectly possible that the same techniques were copied in India too. It's certainly all Empire Lace!

Lovely stuff.

Lululiz said...

Lol, confused? JJ is Jo, a very dear friend of mine, and another permanent member of Lalaland, lol. JJ, Joy and myself are, well, lets say, a little dizzy, confused and plain silly at times, hence the Lalaland bit. I started the blog as a laugh really, but it seems to have grown somewhat, and JJ and Joy are co-authors, although they don't contribute much, humph.

Croap Queen said...

Floss, thank you very much for that info. My other half has always wanted to know more about it. His great-grandfather was always bringing things back from India - lace and silver mostly, but we know nothing about it! Liz needs to remind me when I come back from Portugal to take more pics - there are loads more bits of it.

I'm sorry I didn't explain who I was - maybe we should put that in the "about me" bit? I'm a founder and long-standing member of Lalaland, sadly progressing further and further inland as time goes on, but I quite like it there :-)

And, Madam Liz, the reason I don't contribute much is because you're always nagging me to make things and I can't make things and blog at the same time lol.

Betsy said...

The lace is gorgeous, No wonder you were "green", Miss Liz!