Friday, 8 May 2009


After reading and trying out Lucy's (Attic24) excellent ripple crochet pattern, I couldn't just leave it there, so I have been gathering up the leftover wools from my granny blanket. I might have to replace a couple of colours which I have run out of, but thats a good excuse to visit a few charity shops, lol.

Here are the wools I had left over from the granny square blanket -

I think I will restrict myself to making a cushion cover, a large blanket at this stage would be way too ambitious. Still, can't ever have enough cushions, right?

And while I was at it, I dug out all the lovely fluffety and supersoft mohair yarns which I had found at a couple of boot fairs last year, and which had been lingering stuffed in a bag in a corner. I would really like to make a very simple lap blanket with those yarns, maybe just be a stripey one, that should be quick and easy. I really don't seem to have that much time between making soaps and other stuff for the fairs, dragging bunches of German kids on school trips around on two hour town walks occasionally, trying to do some more beading/jewellery making and keeping our two Rhodesian Ridgebacks from wrecking the house.

I seem to go for the same sort of colours quite frequently, can't help it, I love them, they are so warm and comforting and look so good in our 150 year old cottage in France. Here they are, in all their fluffety glory -

No idea when I will be able to start on this lot though, lol, let alone when I'll be able to finish anything, but I live in hope.

And just to finish off, my two beautiful rascals, enjoying the good weather on the beach -

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Mom E. said...

I would like to be enjoying good weather at the beach....planning to head that way in a week or two....No, not your beach, the Oregon coast for a day or two!