Thursday, 7 May 2009

Mr. Snuggles the Sock Monkey

This handsome fella has been with me for a couple of years now. I spotted him on a stall at a boot fair, amongst a whole big family of sock monkeys, but this one was definitely winking at me and pointing at my bag. He just had to come home with me. The stall was manned by a mother/daughter team, as far as I remember, and it was the daughter who had made these lovely creatures to raise funds for a charity event, I think it was the Three Peaks , but I can't swear to that. Come on, it was two years ago, lol!

He usually sits on a chest of drawers next to our bedroom, and often, when I get up in the mornings, I stop and rearrange him a little. It is just so much fun, finding new poses for him, and it is quite amazing what different expressions one can then see in his little face. Spooky, lol. Now before you start thinking naughty thoughts, I'll have you know that I have been very restrained in my choice of poses!

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Croap Queen said...

I think you really need to get out more missus :-)