Saturday, 16 May 2009

Fabric fondling day

Despite the weather forecast, we are having a pretty good Saturday, so good in fact that I had absolutely no excuse not to do at least a little bit of gardening. So I donned the very fetching gardening gloves again, grabbed the tools and set to clearing a bit more of the front garden. It is just as well that Rhododendron is almost indestructable, no idea how it manages to survive year after year despite our lack of care. Husband and No. 3 son managed to do a bit of mowing in the back as well, hurrah, AND took all the weeds, branches, leaves etc to the tip.

That took care of a couple of hours and I felt I had done my weekendly duty in the garden, lol, and was now able to do much more interesting and satisfying things, like....... fabric fondling, yay. Under the pretext of tidying up the spare room, which also houses my fabric collection, I got out my scrappy bag, full of wonderful little scraps of fabric, which I just hadn't been able to throw away, and spread them out on the bed. I love love love antique French ticking and toile de jouy fabrics, as well as all those beautiful faded roses beauties, of course.

Here are a few pics of just the ticking and a couple of toile de jouy scraps, some tiny tiny, some a little bigger, all beautiful and all destined to grace some antique linen hearts soon -


Floss said...

Very lovely fabrics... thanks.

Lululiz said...

Hi Floss, I do have some large pieces of gorgeous gorgeous old ticking, in all sorts of patterns, and one of these days I'll make something with them, lol, in the meantime, I'll just play with the little scraps.

Olga said...

Gorgeous fabrics! I also like what you did with that old colourful sweater, great idea!