Friday, 15 May 2009

A bit of colour on a dull morning

It was such a grey and horrid start to the day, I needed an injection of colour. I decided to give my button box the once-over, and I was so surprised to find lots of really quite colourful buttons in there. You see, I have always loved fabrics, patchwork and quilting, but I was never fond of the idea of buying brand new fabrics to make quilts with. To me, the true spirit of patchwork was in the recycling of old dresses, shirts etc. So I used to spend many a saturday at local jumble sales, hunting down cotton dresses to cut up and put into my fabric stash. And being the hoarder that I am, I could never discard anything, so all the zips, buttons, hooks etc were also safely stored away to " come in useful one of these days ". That is were all these buttons have come from.

They are certainly bright and colourful and look so cheerful, all in a big heap. I had a great half hour digging through the huge pot of buttons, finding all these little cuties.

I had to find them a little home all of their own, couldn't just put them back with the rest of the buttons again, so here they are in their new little tin -

I finally managed to get hold of some Sarah Smith cleaning cloths and dusters yesterday, everytime I had looked before, they had been sold out. Don't you think they are awfully pretty?
Will they encourage me to do lots of cleaning now? Errmm, NO, definitely not, lolol, they are going to stay on my desk for a little while, so that I can fondle them, they are soft!

And while I was at it, I thought I get a couple of pretty tea towels as well. I just know that I had seen this great idea on one of the blogs I follow, turning pretty tea towels into pretty bags, but can I remember where the heck I saw it? Of course not, that would be way too easy, so I will have to go through umpteenth blogs and check back through each one, sigh. All that crocheting time lost! Serves me right for not making a note of where I had seen it. Anyhoo, I thought these were rather pretty, not Sarah Smith, because naturally those were sold out, lol, but pretty nonetheless -


Floss said...

Lovely, lovely buttons and a cute tin! One of my New Zealand blogging friends has loads of tea towel ideas at the moment - maybe that's where you saw the bags? Was it Red Gingham or Polka Dot Daze? I think it was Sarah at Red Gingham. Best of luck!

Lululiz said...

Oooh, yes, it might well have been Red Gingham, I shall have a little look later on, thank you. I thought it was such a fab idea, I would love to give it a go.