Sunday, 19 October 2014

A little bit of French magic

We know that we are incredibly lucky to have a cottage in such a beautiful part of the world. Every morning when I open the front door and look over our garden and the valley, the view takes my breath away. Our youngest son is with us this time, and he took a time lapse video of the sunrise the other day. I love it so much and wanted to share these magic moments with you -

I took a few photos on my morning walk with the dogs yesterday. Some of the clouds were rising up from the valley and drifting across our cottage and garden, which made for a beautifully sunlit misty walk -

And then there is that other bit of magic..........

Shortly after we arrived at the cottage, the dogs became very interested in the half collapsed little wooden playhouse under the pine trees in the garden. My heart sank, because I suspected that we had a litter of kittens in there. My dogs are not fond of cats. Not at all. So for the next few days we tried our hardest to keep them away from there. Nick was sure that he had seen 4 quite good sized kittens in there. I had a look a couple of days ago and could only see three absolutely gorgeous little darlings, but only two stayed put for pics -

 A day later, we heard some very loud mewling from the wood stack behind the house, and sure enough, there was another kitten behind it. It looked like it had come from the same litter, it was the same size, we reckoned about 6 weeks old, and the same colouring -

But because it was so far away from the other kitties, we weren't sure and thought that perhaps it might be another litter. We left it for a day to see whether it was being looked after, but today it sounded very distressed We debated for a long time what to do, but in the end I couldn't bear the distressed mewling any longer. I got it out -

and took it to what I am convinced are its siblings. All three of them were curled up in a corner on top of the kindling we kept in there -

Our wood stack kittie went straight in, found the den mum had made under the kindling straight away and went in. That kind of made me think that it remembered it as home. Two of the three siblings went in straight after, and eventually the last one did as well, and they all settled down together quietly. I checked again a couple of hours later and all was well. Phew. I know these cats are wild farm cats, but gosh, just look at them, they are so beautiful and I can't bear the thought of anything happening to them. I hope they'll grow to be big strong independent cats who'll make their home in one of the many straw or hay filled barns around us, and keep warm over the winter.

Thats it for today. Tomorrow is forecast to be another good day, but after that the weather will turn rainy and much more autumnal. So, more garden work tomorrow!

I have a few more things to show you, hopefully in a day or two. Until then, toodlepip xxx


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A most delightful swap and an autumn pic

Before I show you the swap package, I wanted to post a photo for this week's AUTUMN theme over at the Our Beautiful World blog -

Our little lane is covered in prickly chestnuts from the ancient trees in our top field.

And now the swap! -

A little while ago, my darling friend Suzy of the wonderful Suziqusthreadworks blog suggested a swap, her beautiful and sumptuous luxurious fabrics for my gorgeous old French laces. Took me all of a millisecond to scream YES!!!! Suzy has the most amazing collection of fabrics. If you have ever had the pleasure of holding one of her collages or corsages or fabric books, then you'll know what I am talking about. Silks, velvets, satins and lace fabrics in rich deep colours, absolutely to die for. I was so cross with my camera, it just wouldn't pick up the colours properly, but I hope that with a little imagination you'll be able to tell how beautiful they are -

I wish you could feel all these gorgeous fabrics! I would have loved to take lots more photos of all these, but my poor camera just couldn't cope. The colours are so much richer and deeper than my lens could capture them.

I hope that one day I will be able to do justice to the amazing fabrics.

And you know what else was in the package? One of Suzy's stunning collages! That one photographed much better, thank goodness -

All those layers, all those embellishments, I just adore her work so much.

Well, dang, I totally forgot to tell you all that we are at the cottage in France for a couple of weeks! It is so peaceful and quiet and I am so happy to be back here. Hopefully we'll have some good weather for a few days so that we can do the work in the garden. I didn't take any craft stuff at all with me, but I do have some crochet hooks, knitting needles and wool here. I love sitting by the fire with a bit of knitting or crochet, might just have to start another blanket ;-).

Toodlepip, xxx

Thursday, 2 October 2014

The promised treat

Before I show you what I received in the mail yesterday, I'll quickly show you a few more fabric beads I made. I took apart a scarf I had bought at a recent boot fair and used snippets of the brocade and velvet with a little bit of lace on base beads made with a cotton/linen mix cut from a hole-y French tea towel -

I love making these!

Now for the treat I promised you in yesterday's post. Better make yourself a coffee or cup of tea, there are lots of photos. The package which arrived yesterday came all the way from Australia ( at record speed, I hasten to add ), and that can only mean one thing - it was from Suzy!!!

I know you are all familiar with Suzy and her beautiful work, so you can understand that I was super excited. I had known it was on its way, but I didn't expect it that quickly. What did it contain? Nothing less than a one of a kind Suziqu's Threadworks exclusive fabric book! It arrived wrapped in the most beautiful velvet fabric -

 I really don't need to say anything else, do I, just sit back and enjoy the beautiful nature inspired pages -

I keep picking it up and studying the pages, there is just soooo much to see and admire.

I have a little bit more to show you, that will have to wait until tomorrow though. For now I wish you all a very happy day and thank you for visiting. Toodlepip xxx