Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Inchies and Tags ( yep, more tags, lol )

The year long inchie challenge is almost at an end, just one month and 4 inchies to go. So far, I have met every challenge, even though quite often I have been somewhat late. Ahem, like with these two inchies.

Last week's challenge was "PRETEND". That wasn't too difficult. Hasn't every little girl at one time or another pretended to be a Princess? I found an image of a sweet smiling little girl and made her a crown with a tiny snippet of a gold paper doily and some bling, and gave her a gold necklace as well -

This week challenge was "AMUSEMENT". Ok, so we are probably not the most grown up of grown ups in our household, but we do like to have fun and at certain times of the year, the whoopee cushion provides oodles of amusement. Sigh. Ok, don't say it, I know.............

This year at the Christmas dinner, we are not going to put whoopee cushions under Nanny and Popeye's chair cushions, we are going to put them under our own, tehehehe, and see what reaction we get from Nanny and Popeye ( who are in their very late 80s btw ). Should be a hoot.

And now that I have completely embarrassed myself by admitting how NOT grown up I am, I had better very quickly get on to the next thing, TAGS. Yep, more tags, lol, but I put that down to the ETSY EFFECT, lol. I like to include a pretty tag with purchases from my Etsy shop. Great excuse for a tagaholic like me to keep making them!

Most of the images I have used you will have seen before, but they are such sweet winter images, I can't stop using them!

this one is not a winter tag, but it was kind of a special request -

I think I have to set a whole day aside for catching up with all your blogs, I have had so little time to read, and I miss catching up with all of you. Perhaps tomorrow I'll lay in a few supplies ( of the food and drink kind, lol ), and settle down to a good read.

Thats all for today, have fun! Toodlepip xxx

Monday, 28 November 2011

Two lovely packages

It was a lovely morning, even though it was grey and windy. Why? Because I received two lovely packages in the post!! I had ordered a couple of things and they arrived today, and they put a huge smile on my face.

You probably know Pat Winter from her beautiful Gatherings blog. She is such an amazing crazy quilter, her beautiful creations take my breath away. I ordered her magazine a few days ago, and boy, did it arrive quickly! It is brilliant, packed full of great tutorials and gorgeous photographs. The only problem is.............. now I really really want to crazy quilt as well, lol.

Here are a couple of pics of the magazine -

You might recognise this -
yep, Suzy's Tattered Lace fabric journal.

This is one of Pat's great tutorials -

and tucked in between the pages was this -

one of Pat's sweet images printed on fabric and a length of beautifully matching hand dyed silk ribbon. Sooooooooo pretty. Thank you very much, Pat, I am so pleased with the magazine and so happy to have received such a lovely gift.

That was beautiful package No. 1. Now on to package No. 2. Dear Rhonda, our wonderful ParisGal is the sweetest and most generous person. I had ordered a couple of things from her gorgeous Etsy shop, which is full of the most tempting French themed goodies. This is what arrived in the post today -

Packaged in true ParisGal style, three little packages came out of the envelope. Hmm, 3? I had only ordered two things. All will become clear in a minute, lol. I had ordered a couple of her fantastic faux tin types, and they arrived in a sweet little bag with yet another tin type decorating it -

They are so cleverly done, they really do look like the real thing. I started planning immediately of course, whilst unpacking the second little package, which held the little fabric bits and pieces which I had ordered -

Great variety of textures and colours and sweet little printed snippets as well. Delightful, and so perfect for my little projects.

Ah, and then there was the third package, the mystery package............... look, it even brought out the sunshine for a little bit -

And right now I wish I could give Rhonda a proper huge hug, because she really really spoilt me rotten and sent all this along with the order -

I am truly amazed, and also quite humbled by the generosity of this lovely woman. Thank you so much, Rhonda, I am going to have so much fun using all these beautiful little treasures.

I'd say that was a good Monday morning, don't you think?

I am so behind with my inchies, yet again, sigh. Haven't done last week's and this week's is due today as well. I am promising myself to do both first thing in the morning. Tonight I have orders to pack and things to list.

I wish you all a great week, have fun creating! Toodlepip xxx

Sunday, 27 November 2011

One lonely little tag

I was suffering severe withdrawal symptoms, so there was nothing for it, I had to make a tag. I should be doing other stuff of course, but when one suffers from tagmania, as one of my bloggy friends called it, then one just has to go for it.

I did restrict myself to just one tag though, and here it is, a little bit of red and white ( and a little bling, lol ) -

I hope your Sunday is a restful one. Toodlepip xxx

Saturday, 26 November 2011

No crafting!

Isn't that just terrible? I haven't managed to do any crafting at all the last few days. I got quite caught up in the Black Friday thing, and I don't even live in the States! It is quite difficult though not to get caught up in all the hype. I have spent far too much time online looking at lovely lovely goodies for Christmas presents perhaps, or maybe even a little treat for myself. And yes, I succumbed and bought a couple of things. I'll show you when I receive them.

I have also been a bit busy with listing a few more things in the Etsy shop. Why does it all take me so long, lol? I suppose because I tend to spend ages deciding whether I can really bear to let something go. Then the photographing, editing photos, weighing the stuff, listing it, and before I know it hours have passed. Thank goodness there are only two more days of this Sale madness, lol, then I can safely return to doing some Christmas crafting. I do have a looooooooong list of things to make.

This is what I have listed on Etsy today, btw. Might as well show you here, because I have no crafty stuff to show you, sigh.

Now what should I list tomorrow? Anything in particular you would like to see? What can I make myself part with? Perhaps one or two of the gorgeous 1940s Eiderdowns, which are so snuggly on a bed, especially now that winter is setting in. Ah well, I shall think about it in the morning. It is nearly midnight here in the UK, and I am ready for bed, lol.

I wish you all a nice evening/morning wherever you are, toodlepip xxx

Friday, 25 November 2011

Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday

First, I would like to wish all my American friends a very happy Thanksgiving. I hope you are all having a fabulous time with family and friends, getting stuck into the turkey and all those yummy things that go with it. We don't have Thanksgiving here in the UK, but I know how important a day it is for the Americans.

It seems that another rather important day is the day straight after Thanksgiving, Black Friday! Until a couple of years ago, I had no idea what this was all about, but I know now, lol. Its the start of a huge 4-day sales event in the States! And because I think that is a fabulous idea, I am also having a 4-day sale in my Etsy shop, right HERE -. I have listed some more things today and will be listing more over the next 4 days.

It is way past my bedtime now, lol. Have a wonderful long weekend, toodlepip xxx

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Winter White tags for White Wednesday

What do you do when you don't have any new white goodies to show for White Wednesday? Of course, you make winter white tags, what else?!?

I wanted to make some more tags for Christmas anyway, so I dug out some more beautiful French lace, a little bit of bling and some pretty wintry images and put everything together on some white tags -

Happy White Wednesday! For more white wonderfulness hop over to the Faded Charm Cottage.

And I am going back to sorting out some more stock for my Etsy store, in preparation for the big weekend sales in the States. Fingers crossed.

Toodlepip xxx