Friday, 29 May 2009

And now for something completely different

Instead of boot fair finds, sewing room treasures or crocheted stuff, I'll show you what we have been busy with over the last few days, designing labels for the new soaps I have made for the two day craft fair starting tomorrow. We have just finished wrapping 5 batches of the newly designed soaps and 3 batches of restocks. Phew, I am glad thats done now.

I am going to miss out on all the boot fairs this weekend, isn't that just terrible? Hopefully, the fair will be successful and kind of make up for it. Fingers crossed.

And because this is a totally non crochety, non boot fairy, non treasury kind of post, I'll continue with that and put up some pics of my doggies -

Oh, and for a wee bit of colour, here are a couple of flower pics -

The inside of the foxglove flower is soo pretty

the mock orange is flowering now, unfortunely only the blossom at the very top is open, the blossom lower down is still just in bud, but already the scent of the mock orange flowers is wafting through the garden, delicious -


Liz said...

Good luck with the craft fair!! I could almost smell those soaps...lovely

You dogs are just too cute!

Croap Queen said...

They all look amazing L, and I know how much hard work has gone into those beautiful labels. You should be very proud of those missus. I know for a fact that they all smell gorgeous too.

Hope you do really well at the fair.

Liz - those dogs may look cute but it's all an illusion :-)

Betsy said...

The soaps look amazing! Can i buy some? Is that one Label "Gigi"? that is one of Daughter 1's nicknames!