Sunday, 10 May 2009

What a lovely saturday it's been

The day started bright and early, the doggies associate early sunshine with going doolally in the garden, wuff! So I was up at 6ish, and started to crochet a bit, waiting for Paige to wake up. 6.45 my two darlings phoned from France to let me know that they were almost ready to leave, woohoooo, that meant, they would be home really nice and early. That was excellent news, I did miss them, even though they had only gone for a week.

Paige woke up around 8 and after a lovely cuddle session and a bit of CBeebies, we decided it would be good to walk down into town and womble through a few shops. Off we went , and lo and behold, we passed somewhere which had a table sale. I did hesitate for a moment, all of, oh, half a second, lol, and thought, can't pass, just not done, gotta go in. I had barely walked through the door went my eyes glazed over and my heart beat so fast, it almost popped out of my chest........ I spotted a treasure!

Can you tell what it is from this pic?

No? No idea yet? Perhaps this will help -

Got it? YES! YES! YES! It is a fabulous vintage eiderdown, in the most delicious colours and with such a gorgeous floral pattern. I fell in love with it straight away.

Here are a few more pics of this beautiful piece -

Then I found a few bits and pieces of jewellery for taking apart and restringing. First, there was this gorgeous little faceted crystal necklace, with a fabulous little clasp

Next, a faceted jet necklace, it had obviously lost some strands, but hey, who cares, the clasp can be reused somewhere else for a multi strand necklace

Then there was this multistrand seed bead necklace in beautifully rich browns

And last but not least, this little two strand bracelet with fluoride beads caught my eye

I paid all of £1.50 for the 4 pieces, not bad at all.

And just as I was about to leave I had a last look round and saw two big cast iron and wood garden chairs at the back. The need work, the wood needs sanding down and varnishing, screws need tightening, the very heavy cast iron bits need painting, but....... they are massive, and with a bit of hard graft and a couple of shabby chic cushions, they will be absolutely lovely. Not something I could stick under my arms and carry home though, lol, so I had to arrange to pick them up next week.

Bought a couple of balls of wool in town, a few cream cakes in the bakery and then toddled off home again. I couldn't believe it when my two darlings phoned at 3 and said they were already back in England! By 4 o'clock they were safely home, the doggies went completely nuts for 10 minutes welcoming them back, and then things kinda went back to normal.

My darling husband had brought back everything I had put on the shopping list for him, lol, including my three favourite French magazines

My darling son had taken a few photos for me while they were out there, putting up fencing to make the garden more dog proof, mowing etc., of my wisteria, which I had planted a couple of years ago, and also of the beautiful old French dining table, which our dear friends Frank and Christine so very kindly gave us. Of course, it didn't occur to them to give the table a bit of a dusting/clean before taking pics, lol. Men, sigh.

part of the fencing

and my very young wisteria doing its best to flower

I had a nice relaxing evening, happy because my darlings were home. I also managed to finish the body of the bag I was crocheting, yay, the handles and trimmings are definitely a Sunday job though.

Wow, long post. But, one last thing, I have to tell you about a fabulous French/Scottish giveaway,

and because I have no idea how to make the button take you straight to the right place I'll give you the link here -


Floss said...

Hi there, and thanks so much for entering my giveaway and putting the link here! It's been really good to begin to read your blog - I think that one of the nice things about this giveaway is going to be getting to know people who've been reading my blog! I think that your British finds here are lovely, but I can see that you hanker for your French home too - it looks great.

Lululiz said...

Hi Floss, thank you so much for your lovely comments. I only started this blog a week or so ago, more as a bit of a laugh to give some friends a giggle than anything else. But I am enjoying it so much, I could post at least 3 times a day, lol! I found so many wonderful blogs, yours amongst them, just by looking at one or two " favourite blogs " lists. They are all so inspirational and so lovely to look at. What a lovely idea of yours to have such a fab giveaway! Take care and enjoy yourself, Liz x