Friday, 28 November 2014

Did you?

Did you brave the masses and venture forth to find yourself some Black Friday bargains? Good grief, Black Friday fever has also taken hold here in the UK, and I was somewhat bemused when I saw the news this afternoon - you'd think there was a riot and looting going on in so many supermarkets and departments tores, the way people fought each other to tear stuff off the shelves, not even looking what they were taking, just anything! Fights, arrests..... lol, I am not one to risk life and limb to get a few ££ off something I don't even really need.
Enough said.

Those of you who also look at my Vintageland blog might have noticed that although I promised to show something new in the shop every day, I failed miserably yesterday. I had orders to get out, customer requests to deal with, needed more tags, needed more business cards, return address labels, etc etc, I just had too much to do. Also, the weather was so horrid and dark and grey, I couldn't take any photos. I did make some new tags and also some boxes for the rosaries I have listed in the shop -

I did take more photos for the shop today though. I was having a real LADIES DAY, lol. Pretty little things. Femine fabricy things, darling little silver bits, litte paper mache boxes..... they looked so pretty, I decided to show them to you on here as well -

I might be able to list some of them tonight, the rest tomorrow, and I'll try put whatever gets listed onto the Vintageland blog tonight as well.

So I had better get on with it, right? Lol, Have a great weekend, toodlepip

Thursday, 27 November 2014

To all my wonderful American friends

Wishing you all a very happy Thanksgiving today. I wish we'd celebrate Thanksgiving here as well, I so love the whole idea of it. Every day I am thankful for the friends I have made on here over the years, and how you have inspired me with your beautiful creations and your wise words. Above all, I am thankful for my family, my husband of 30+ years, my sons and their loved ones, my gorgeous granddaughters, and my fur babies as well. 

Group hug time, lol, xxxxx

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Spending the days doing what?

If you have read my Vintageland blog recently, you will know that I have been busy busy busy with my Etsy shop. I am not complaining, it is great! But it meant that I spent Sunday making lots of tags to send out with orders. It has been cold and wet and windy here lately, so I was in the mood for wintery tags. Here they are -

I do enjoy making tags :-).

Toodlepip xxx

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Quick challenge catch up

After yesterday's very long wombling through Autun post, I'll have a very short post for you today, just catching up on a couple of weekly theme challenges.

Firstly, over at the Our Beautiful World blog, the theme is BLUE this week. I chose a photograph of a cornflower in a field near our cottage in France -

I adore cornflowers, and together with bright red poppies they make my heart sing when I see them growing alongside fields.

Second pic is of the tag I made for this week's CIRCLES theme over at the Tag Tuesday blog -

I used a champagne cork I had on my desk to stamp the copper circles with.

Thats all! I know, amazingly short post, lol, but I am so busy with my Etsy shop, I don't have time for anything else it seems. Long may it continue, lol, I am loving it.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, and thanks for stopping by,
toodlepip xxx

Friday, 14 November 2014

Gateways to the past

It was horrible here on the South Coast of the UK this morning. So dark and VERY wet. I needed to be reminded of summer days and sunshine and being in France. I remembered that I hadn't even downloaded pics from the little point and shoot cam I carry around in my handbag. So guess what I did? Yes, of course, I downloaded the pics, lol, and edited some to show to you. 

Sometime in August, I went for a little womble in a couple of streets behind the cathedral in Autun ( about 40 mins drive from our cottage ). Autun has oodles of history, especially Roman history, and I so enjoy looking at all the wonderful old architecture. I didn't have much time, just a few minutes while my friend and occasional neighbour Sue went to find a bakery, but even just strolling down a couple of little streets provided a wealth of architectural features. Gateways. Studded medieval looking doors, others with paint blistering and peeling, ornate grilles on basement windows, wrought iron gates. All drawing my thoughts and imagination back to past centuries. Fancy a little womble with me? -

I love this door!!! Just check out the close ups -

And what about this one? Isn't the colour absolutely gorgeous? -

Street corner -

Reminders that Bourgogne is a famous wine region are never far away -

My heart skipped a beat when I came to this magnificent house, a walled garden, a beautiful wrought iron gate, and......... a most beautiful curved stone stairway leading up to the house. I couldn't help myself, had to squeeze my hands through the ironwork and take a couple of pics -

This beautiful home was right opposite the back of the cathedral, so I took a couple of quick pics of the cathedral from that angle -

It is a magnificent building, and can be seen standing above the town from miles away. We drove a little ways up the hill and took this photo of it -

Thank you for taking this walk with me, it was a pleasure to have your company :-).

Toodlepip xxx