Monday, 29 November 2010

Winter carboot fairs are not terribly inspiring

There is very little in the way of vintage to be had. So why do I go? Well, you just never know, do you? Amongst the many piles of clothes, toys, modern china etc, there might just be a teeny weeny little something that takes my fancy. And the habit is just so hard to break.

So yesterday morning my long suffering hubby and I set off to have a look at the one and only indoor boot fair in the area. The weather was pretty bad, it had snowed, it was grey and overcast and people had obviously preferred to stay at home, in bed, or in front of a lovely warm fire, lol. The hall was only half full. We wombled about, picked up a thing or two, went to the exit, and out into............ a snow storm! Ooops. The weather had changed so dramatically in just the half hour we had been inside. Thankfully we didnt have a long drive. Oh, I do love cars with heated seats.

Do you know what? I just realised that the photos I took today are from the boot fair and jumble sale LAST weekend, lol. I haven't unpacked the bag from yesterday. Not that there is much to unpack. Ouch, old age is not much fun, rofl. Guess I'll have to do yesterday's tomorrow then.

So, here are the pics from last weekend, sigh -

60s/70s is not really my thing, but this small purple bowl is such a luscious, rich colour, I had to have it -

Modern as well, but I do love these silver plated star shaped boxes. They just need a good polish -

What a great American pack of cards! Well, the game itself it quite ordinary, but I love the back of the cards, the graphics are so funny -

A sweet little jug, a girl can never have too many little jugs/pitchers -

Oh look, lol, another little pitcher, this time an Ironstone one -

And talking of Ironstone, I also found this really pretty brown transferware Ironstone plate -

A few bits of jewellery. The pink heart necklace is a modern one, from Avon, but the rose quartz heart is so pretty, I want to use it in a fabric collage -

Pretty little rosary though -

The colour of this little vase made me go WOW! Isn't it just so pretty? -

A Sylvac vase -

A gorgeous little dressing table tray, for your rings, or change, any little bits and pieces really. They also make lovely little pen trays for your desk -

I adore this little glass jar with the silver lid, which is just crying out to be gently embellished, don't you think?

As I said before, yesterday's will (probably) show up tomorrow, lol. Until then, toodlepip xxx

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Lucky Me!

Do you remember seeing this on my sidebar for a while?

That was Marie's giveaway on her blog Lost Bird Studio, and guess who won it? YES! MEEEEEEEEEE!

I was thrilled to bits. I won her beautifully made apron AND that gorgeous tea towel! They will look absolutely fantastic in our little kitchen in France. Of course you need to see details, lol, so here you are -

My package, beautifully wrapped -

with an Eiffel Tower tag! -

My gorgeous pressies -

I love this wispy flower, it is so pretty -

And isn't the colour of this tea towel fabulous? The design is so elegant -

And how clever and different is this? Instead of a hanger, you have this little button hole to hang up the towel, I love that idea -

Thank you so much, Marie, for making me a winner in your giveaway.

Have an enjoyable weekend, wherever you are. Toodlepip, xxx

Friday, 26 November 2010

Kard Krazy's Tag Tuesday Challenge

I like little challenges like this, because they take me outside my comfort zone. When I started thinking about this tag, I had something completely different in mind, and somehow, it just evolved into this, not at all what I had planned. But I am happy with it.

The challenge for Tag Tuesday this time was to make a seasonal tag using the colours navy blue, turquoise and red. I am not a lover of bright red, so I chose a deep red button, ribbon and deep red ink. I used a small piece of the precious blue lace Alexandra had sent me for the navy blue part, and a turquoise patterned paper for the background. The big snowflake is the most gorgeous metallic turquoise. I had found three of those amongst some piles of cards in a charity shop of all places a couple of weeks ago.

And because this post is way too short for me, lol, I'll also show you a couple of other pics. A little while ago a lovely lady called Salma left me a comment, telling me that she was my 200th follower! Ooops. Hadn't even noticed, lol, So I decided to send her a little gift. I had read on her blog that she loved soaps, so I sent her one of my handmade soaps in a little embellished bag -

There, thats better, now the post doesn't look quite so empty. I am so used to doing looooooooong posts, these short ones don't feel quite right. Although you gals are probably relieved that you don't have to work your way through tons of photos, lol.

Toodlepip, xxx

Thursday, 25 November 2010


( Image courtesy of the Graphics Fairy )

Especially of course to my American friends, who are celebrating today. I love the idea of Thanksgiving, it is a pity that it is one American celebration/custom/tradition which hasn't made it across the big water. Yet. We all have something to be thankful for, a lot of us have a lot to be thankful for. I have read so many touching posts giving thanks for a huge variety of things, it was quite humbling. It would be lovely if we, who don't celebrate Thanksgiving, could also take a few minutes to reflect on all the good things in our lives and give thanks for them.

My list would be way too long, so I won't write it down, just keep it in my heart, but I would like to thank all of you who read my blog, leave such wonderful comments, and have become such good friends, for being in my life. For that I am truly thankful. Oh boy, am I glad we can't see each other on the computer, lol, me being this soppy is not a pretty sight!

Toodlepip xxx

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Alexandra Day Part Deux

Judging by your comments yesterday, you quite liked the goodies Alexandra sent me, yes? Alright, so that is somewhat of an understatement, lol, just kidding. You LOVED it all! You can imagine how I felt. But, as I said that was only part of it. Because she couldn't fit everything she wanted to send into the bag, there was also the treasure outside the bag! I am just going to shut up now, and let you see the photos. You'll be gobsmacked. Promise.

Look at it, all this !!!

Of course you want to see everything properly, don't you? Here goes. A gorgeous Eiffel tower heart with a proper Eiffel tower charm -
It just so happens that one of the guest bedrooms in the cottage is done in blue, so guess where this is going to live? Yep, you got it.

A piece of THE most beautiful sea green embroidered silk. I wish I could capture the colour and sheen properly, but its so difficult -
Then there was this intriguing little package -

and inside? This -

Isn't that just exquisite?

What about this beautifully wrapped little something?

A sweet little tag with some original ephemera and the sweetest little trim, and inside -
I think I might frame these, because they are so pretty.

And yes, there is still more, unbelievable, I know. This little package felt as light as a feather and I was so intrigued as to what could possibly be in it. Well, feathers was a possibility, lol. But instead of feathers there were these -

Tiny sparkly diamante jewels. I didn't dare breathe in case I huffed some off the table. I found an old pill box of mine, stashed away since my student days in the early 70s, and put the beautiful diamante in there for the time being.

A sweet little music sheet envelope filled with religious medals-

The prettiest pink lace -

Another fab envelope -

With -

A PARIS bag, woohoo -

with -

This one is soooooooo beautiful, so delicate -

And another pile of amazing ephemera -

They all seem to be church records, like birth/baptism records, wedding bans etc. Marvellous.


I am planning on making a wall hanging for the French cottage with some of the beautiful pieces Alexandra has gifted me with. But that will take a lot of planning, because I want to do those beautiful things justice. So don't expect anything in the very near future, lol.

Now I am off to try and find ribbons for my tag for the Tag Tuesday challenge over at Kard Krazy .

Toodlepip xxx