Wednesday, 23 May 2012

White Wednesday Surprise

Because most of the brocantes/vide greniers got rained off again on the weekend, we went to a shop which sells used stuff today, mostly to buy some more pots for the garden and a slatted bed base for our old Victorian 4ft bed. I always have a rummage around in the bits and pieces section where I often find sewing stuff. There were a few tins with some buttons in amongst all sorts of other things, and then I spotted a rather large box with peeling mickey mouse sticky stuff all over it. UGLY! Had to open it though, I can't ever resist closed boxes, lol. Inside were sewing supplies, lovely old wooden spools, corset ribbons, sewing needles, all kinds of weird and wonderful stuff.  Hiding under the peeling Mickey Mouse sticky stuff was a sturdy wooden box, so really it had to come home with me. I found some nice MOP buttons in other boxes, and a couple of little tins with hook and eye fasteners. And a little cardboard box, which I didn't even open because it was very light, didn't rattle, and felt empty. But I liked it, so into the big MM box it went. When I got home, I spent half hour or so sorting some buttons, digging around in the MM box and finally came across the little cardboard box as well. Boy, did I get a surprise when I opened it!!!

Wanna see what I found inside? I actually gasped, which made my husband snigger, lol -

 The beautiful L monograms couldn't have been more appropriate, me being called Liz, lol -

Wrapped in that little bit of paper with AL stamped on the outside, I found these, the most delightful little A L monograms -

I have seen these on those wonderful antique French nightdresses, as well as on the finest lawn hankies

Isn't it just wonderful when something totally unexpected comes your way? I am so delighted with these little treasures.

I am linking this post to WHITE WEDNESDAY No. 153 over at the fabulous FADED CHARM blog. If you are ready for more lovely whites, hop over there and visit some of the links, they are all so gorgeous.

Toodlepip xxx


Mary said...

Ahhhh Liz, doesn't it just send a chill thru you to get home and find out how fantastic your find is with the hidden things!!!! THAT is the thrill I live for in my life. NOTHING beats it. I just wish I had the price of air fare so I could go shopping just once with you.
Your finds are one of the reasons I keep an eagle eye on your blog. Just to see what you have found on your latest hunt. And then I just have to see what you made out of all the treasures you find.
Happy Hunting to you.

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

I love when that happens!
enJOY a sweet day,

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

Isn´t that the best - to find something so beautiful. What a great find

Dorthe said...

Dearest Liz,
that is surely beeautiful finds, the L`s oh so wonderful, they were destined for you to find them, and the other beautiful embroidered AL`s also gorgeous - I`m so haPPY FOR YOU there were so many real goodies there for you, after all the dissapointments about the rain,rain,rain! The box is so pretty ,too- and I can`t wait to see,what was inside the Mickey Mouse box :-)
Dear Liz I hope you have seen I have posted about your fantastic gift to me- ....
Now I guess you will soon start packing to go home again ?
I will write you one of the dayes to come- till then love and xx-Dorthe

Doni said...

Oh how lovely!! What a beautiful surprise!! Thank you for sharing it with us...can't wait to see what you do with them. I love little monogrammed laces!

Mom E. said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the lace "L"s! So gorgeous, and the "AL" monogram medallions....cant wait to see how you use them. I love to see the treasures you find. Thanks so much for sharing!

Janny said...

You are very lucky, it is wonderful!

Have a nice day,


suziqu's thread works said...

THrilled to bits for you LIz with your new MIckey MOuse box find. Email soon when I get back onto my laptop instead of this MIckey Mouse IPad (hehe!).
Xox Suzy

dosierosie said...

They are absolutely beautiful, I'm not surprised you gasped.