Sunday, 6 May 2012


Ok, so it is Sunday morning here in France, but yesterday was too busy a day to post. And how come it is Sunday morning and I am not at a vide grenier/brocante hunting down sweet little treasures for you? Because it is raining. Again. Or still, lol.  This weather is driving me nuts. We had a couple of really gorgeous days this week, and I thought, hurrah, we are finally over the weeks of rain, but alas, it was not meant to be, back to rain we are. Yesterday we had an incredible thunderstorm including very heavy hail.  

But thats enough of that, lol, here is a little bit of bright PINK for a PINK SATURDAY link to the fabulous How Sweet the Sound linky party.  A little while ago I finally managed to finish my crochet blanket. These things tend to take a good long while, because I don't work on them regularly, just when the fancy takes me. I love the soft colours and the bright PINK which I chose to liven things up a little -

It is always on the back of my favourite LLoyd Loom chair, waiting to keep me cosy and warm when needed. A little bit of PINK ( and green ) happiness goes a long way.

Time for lunch now. The French take their lunch very seriously indeed, and as the saying goes - when in Rome ( France ) do as the Romans ( French ) do, we also take lunch seriously, lol.

So, toodlepip for now, and back later with a few brocante finds from a while ago.


Mary said...

That is a beautiful afghan. I love the colors. I love your blog. You are so lucky to be in your cottage in France.

Janny said...

You made a beautiful blanket and it seems to me you can use it now with chilly days. We had thunderstorms as well, but only in the evening and by day happilly the sun shines.

Have a nice time in your french cottage!I think it is a beautiful region you live, santé!


Croap Queen said...

Very pretty lankie, madam. Well worth the effort

JJ xx

Dorthe said...

OH Liz, I`m so sorry for you ,that it goes on like that, so awful when it just pours day after day! Strange as the weather behave this spring ,I think all over the world..From friends I know that Berlin had 28 centigreese warm weather for very long!!!! Here it is still COLD-
Dear friend I LOVE your crochet blanket, and the wonderful colours -a very beautiful work Liz.
Hugs and xx-and godnight !

sissie said...

Hi Liz,
This is so beautiful. I love the pink and green. I'm always amazed when I see beautiful crochet work like's such an art!

Hope the rain lets up soon.


Ann said...

This is so lovely, I know you feel good about getting it finished. I adore the colors, ofcourse the pink but the light pale green is just so pretty in the middle.
Love it.

Catje said...

WOW! That's absolutely gobsmackingly beautiful :) My 2 favorite colors as well! And you are so right to take lunch seriously :)