Saturday, 19 May 2012

Pink Roses and the Old Dragon

The roses in my garden here at the cottage are only just beginning to flower, not much to show yet, but...... at the last vide grenier we went to, I found a beautiful silk rose garland. Soooooo dreamy, especially the pink roses and the gorgeous little white hydrangea flowers just tinged with a hint of pink. Not sure yet whether I'll keep the garland intact and use it somewhere as is, or whether I'll take it apart and use the flowers for crafting with.  Decisions, decisions.

Here it is, on this surprisingly sunny ( rain was forecast ) Pink Saturday - 

Aren't these little hydrangea blossoms sweet?

And just because, a pink Geranium -

The second part of this post is about this week's inchie. The theme was "DRAGON" and I did struggle with that one, until I recalled my DH fondly calling my mum the old dragon. She adored him and he loved her dearly, so it really was said very affectionately, but I thought I use that sort of old dragon for my inchie -

She seems so stern and unforgiving, doesn't she look like she could breathe fire when in a bad mood?
I dabbed orange, red and yellow ink onto the background for the fire breathing bit of the dragon and picked the sternest looking woman I had in my image collection.

I am linking this post to the fabulous PINK SATURDAY at the How Sweet The Sound blog, and to the Every Inchie Monday blog.

Now I am off to the craftavan. Toodlepip xxx


Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

that is a beautiful garland and I would have a tough time deciding how to use it as well. Happy Pink Saturday...LOVE your inchie :)

Heather said...

That is a gorgeous garland!! I love you it!! I would have a hard time deciding whether to keep it together or use it separate! Although it would be gorgeous in my red room!!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Janny said...

The garland is beautiful! Looks like real roses.

Have a nice weekend,


A garden just outside Venice said...

Lovely Roses! And such fabulous finds on your previous post!!!
Have a good Sunday!

Dorthe said...

Hi my dear Liz,
That rosegarland is beautiful,- and I would surely keep it as is, to use in a special spot or situation :-)
the flowers are wonderful and the colours also.
Your Inchie, OH WHAT A SAUER DRAGON - she truly looks harsh and unkind!
Gorgeous and funny my dear friend.
Hope your saturday stayed sunny, and without rain-you poor friend- if it is to any help, we have also here had cold and unfriendly weather for long--only not ,so much rain.
Love and xx-
from Dorthe

Joops said...

the roses are beautiful.

Pink in the Sink. Have a lovely weekend.

Mom E. said...

I LOVE YOUR GARLAND! I know you will will find the perfect spot for it!
Have a great day!

Kelly_Deal said...

beautiful images!

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Hi Liz,
Your ATCs arrived today!
Beautiful photos on this post!
enJOY a sweet day,

Alexandra Eitel said...

Diese Rosengirlande über dem Stuhl ist einfach weltklasse!