Friday, 18 May 2012

French Flower Seller's Trolley

and lots more finds from the French brocantes. I am so behind with taking and posting photos from the recent brocantes/vide greniers, but I have to blame the weather, sigh. We do get the odd days of sunshine, but then we work outside, or go visit friends, or get visited, and no time for getting all the finds out and taking pics. Old French farmhouses like ours are quite dark inside, because the walls are almost half a metre thick, and the windows are small, so that in the winter, they stay warm and in the summer they stay cool. Bah, no consideration for future generations' need to take photographs inside, lolol!

Here are some photos I took a little while ago, when we were blessed with sunshine and warmth. My beloved new old French flower seller's trolley, I love those wheels!!! - 

and the chippy paint is that utterly gorgeous shade of French blue, sigh. I am going to fill it with lots of red geraniums. When it stops raining, one of these days.

So, what else did I find? These gorgeous old baking forms -

You know how much I love French enamelware, don't you, and what could be more cheerful than this coffee pot? Brightens up even the dullest day -

French silver plated cutlery, big and heavy and totally fabulous. Great quality as well -

I found some cool old laboratory equipment as well. I love the shape of this laboratory bottle carrier, not sure though whether I ought to paint it. What do you think? -

You also know that I have got a thing for turned wood, because it is so smooth and tactile and just lovely to touch. I found two beautifully turned needlecases, two different kinds of wood, but I have no idea what sort of wood they are. Love colours and the grain though -

Ooh, some more enamelware, isn't this round bellied enamel jug fabulous? 

It is a gorgeous deep reddy brown, or browny red on the outside, and the typical grey granite speckle inside. Wouldn't that look great in the kitchen filled with a big bunch of flowers?

Here is another red find, a beautifully decorated toleware tray. I love those roses! -

More enamelware, this darling little white soap dish -

How about this? One could, of course, use it for its proper purpose, and put the champagne on ice, but I think I would rather fill it with beautiful big branches of lilac or apple blossom-

I do have some more photos, but I think this is quite enough for one post.

For the first time, I am linking a post to the much adored Feathered Nest Friday at the French Country Cottage and the equally wonderful Show and Tell Friday at Cindy's Romantic Home blog. Gosh, there are so many links to the most fabulous posts, check them out! You're gonna be busy, lol, so make sure you have a cup of coffee or tea.

Toodlepip xxx


harmony and rosie said...

wow, wow, wow, every one a winner. I am imagining that flower trolley filled with geraniums, it'll look stunning. Are the postworthy things going into the shop? ;)

suziqu's thread works said...

Hi Dear Liz
Talk about show and tell. What a great collection. The flower seller's trolley is one out of the box and I can see it filled with the most beautiful display of geraniums.
Love the baking forms, the enamel soap dish, the lab. bottles and carrier (oh love it just as it is!), the cutlery and, oh well, love it all.
Hope you are having some great weather by now and enjoying your days creating in between everything else.
Sending big warm sunshine hugs,
Much love,

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh! forgot to mention how sweet your new French Spring style header looks!
x Suzy

Nook and Cranny said...

Love, love, love all of your wonderful finds. I love those jello molds for sure.
Thanks for stopping by my tomato pin cushion blog post. I so love the stories from the magazine.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Queenie Believe said...

Totally awesome treasure!! I don't know which one I like better... well except for the flower trolly that is on the top of the list.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Rhonda said...

Well, you did show and you absolutely told. Love all of your finds, Liz. Ah, to be in France, rain or shine.
Enjoy your weekend in your sweet French home. xo Rhonda

Mom E. said...

LOVE the trolley, the tart and bread pans, the needle cases, the bottles and your sweet cottage! Hope you have great day!