Saturday, 26 May 2012

Aaaah, treasures!

Before I start bombarding you with photos of some more brocante finds, I'd like to wish all my wonderful American friends a good Memorial Day weekend.

How do I manage to get so behind with posting pics of brocante/vide greniers finds? I really don't know, darnit, I always have the best intention, but ya know......... Ah well, here is a whole bunch of pics of new treasures, starting with some beautiful religious ones I found recently -

This very detailed statue is a copy of a beautiful work by the French sculptor Catineau, I love it. It is a well known piece, you can see it here -

1920s/30s Art Deco Cross -

Free standing cross on a round stand-

Free standing cross on a square stand -

Madonna and Child statue -

This is one of my most favourite little treasures, doesn't look like much in this photo, does it? 
 Inside this tiny little folder I found this -
Isn't that just the sweetest little thing to carry around in your purse, for example?

These beautiful antique church pews in solid oak are definitely NOT going into the Etsy shop, lol, they are just a tad too big to post. At the moment they are in the barn, until DH has time to treat them etc. -

Almost forgot these 2 exceptionally beautiful Jeanne d'Arc medals-

 Dang, this post has already gotten quite long, I think I save the other pics for tomorrow, don't want to bore you to sleep. 

And I still haven't taken pics of all my finds, sigh. We went to a brocante this morning. OOOOooooooooh boy, did I have a good time there. I found some beautiful lace, a couple of beautifully monogrammed linen bedsheets, ephemera, sweet little bits and pieces....... Perhaps I'll get a chance tomorrow to catch up on photographing things.
Until tomorrow then, toodlepip xxx


suziqu's thread works said...

Oh my dear Liz
What amazing finds you have purchased!
Those statues and cross are beyond beautiful and I just absolutely love those Jeanne d'Arc medals and that little pocket sized folder with those medals is just so special.
You have no idea how lucky you are.
Those church pews are neat. I must show you two Bishops chair pieces that we have here waiting for Jeff to create with.
Love and hugs for a sunny day,

Rhonda said...

Liz, I love them all but the medals are exceptional. I'll be thinking about those tonight in my dreams.
xo Rhonda

Mom E. said...

I was loving everything and then you stopped posting.....looking forward to the rest of the pictures. Beautiful finds, each one of them!

"MOI" Freubel said...

It's every time such a pleasure to catch up your latest posts.
You must be in heaven with all these amazing finds !!!

Dorthe said...

Liz ,dear--at lats the sun shines over you and the french brocantes :)
What beautiful and special pieces you have found,- the crosses are beautiful, and the little statues, and charms are so wonderful.
I do have a thing with religious pieces from France and Italy- I don`t know why,as I`m not catholic, but they speaks to me in some way!
Your church benches are wonderful too, really gorgeous.

Are you still having ther sun shining apun you? Here it is so lovely, and still standing high on the sky!
Wish you a happy evening.

Alexandra Eitel said...

Ohhh mein Gott sind die Medallien schön!!!