Monday, 28 May 2012

As promised

Hah, I bet you didn't think that I would get round to it, did ya? But as promised yesterday, here are some more recent brocante treasures, spied from afar, drooled over,  haggled for and happily brought home.

I adore these little candlesticks for the bedside table. This one has white enamel marbled with beautiful light blue veins -

This is a very old Digoin cafe au lait bowl. It is plain, no fancy decoration, but I just love it. The way the glaze has changed colour over the years, so rich and deeper in some places is just exquisite

Another old cafe au lait bowl. The stripes are a gorgeous jade green, which makes me think its 1930s, and the glaze is beautifully crazed -

This antique candlestick is THE most gorgeous shade of duck egg blue-

I fell for these opera glasses big time, because they are so small! Definitely smaller than others I have come across. Perhaps they were for a very privileged young girl, whose parents had a box at the Opera. Oh dear, thats done it, now I can see a whole story unfolding in front of my eyes......

YAY!!! More of these absolutely fabulous parcel carry handles. Geez, they are so hard to find these days, hadn't come across any for years -

Swoon! I mouthed a silent OOHHH, when I spied this on a stall. The leather case is so old and worn, it had to be something good inside... and there was, a beautiful little parfum bottle with the sweetest silver top and tiniest glass stopper -

I should have saved these for an ephemera post really, but hey, PARIS and VERSAILLES? Carte Postales booklets in lovely condition -

This is one of my all time favourite finds, a gorgeous silver plated pendant with a delicate thistle design -

This is the back -

And this............ this is whats inbetween the front and back, a tiny mirror!-

These 1930s bottles were very old stock found in an old pharmacy which closed down about 30 years ago, the vendor told me. Gorgeous little apothecary bottles with tight fitting, ground glass stoppers -

Typically French salt cellars, used in every home, bistro and restaurant, even to this day. I have a couple which we use all the time for the amazing fleur de sel and freshly ground pepper -

I love the faux snakeskin pattern on this old glasses case, and the dinky round spectacles -

Tins, a girl can never have too many tins, especially when they are French, red and with such a pretty design-

Wine bottle carrier, made from fine silver metal wire -

And last but not least, this stunning braid, in the most elegant blue with gold overlay. Parisien of course -

There is still so much more to photograph, sigh. I will try to get some done tomorrow.  Have a wonderful day wherever you are, especially my dear American friends on this Memorial Day.
Toodlepip xxx


Dorthe said...

OH,OH,Oh my dear Liz...
Incredible many and wonderful finds-
I don`t know where to begin, but yes..the carrier handles are fantastic,...the braid ,WOW--the cafè au lait bowls, are gorgeous, the old papers and the opera glasses, the pendant, I could just say ,tehehe, I LOVE it all ,and I do. And I`m sure there will be more love, when seing your next part,-so I will let you ,sigh ,and photograph :) for the coming blog goodies here.
Hugs and sleep well my friend.

Mom E. said...

I LOVE your treasures, especially the pendant, and the binoculars and the perfume bottle and case, and...oh, EVERYTHING!
such fun!

A garden just outside Venice said...

The Queen of the most wonderful finds! Those candlesticks are to die for!

Bunty said...

Gosh Liz, you will need a huge trailer to bring all your loot back to the UK! You certainly have been very busy shopping. I wondered if you would be putting any of your parcel handles up for sale? As you say, they are hard to come by - I only have 2 and think I bought them from you in the past but have never seen any more.

By the way, I love the new blog header photo - no wonder you love it there!


Catje said...

Wow :) I wanna go to France NOW!!! :)

Lynn Stevens said...


Alexandra Eitel said...

Wunderschöne Schätze!