Thursday, 24 May 2012

Sunshine, warmth and happiness

YES! We have finally started a little run of warm, sunny days, according to the weather forecast. Didn't think so this morning, it was still grey, overcast and very misty. But around 2pm the sun finally got the better of the clouds and mist, and broke through. Woohoo! It is so lovely to be able to hang the washing out, and see it flapping about on the line. And there is colour in the garden now, the roses are beginning to bud and the little plants I put in a few weeks ago are covered in flowers -

I did loads of laundry this morning, ready for the sun to come out, so after lunch, I thought I could justify an hour or two in the craftavan, catching up on this week's challenges.

TAG TUESDAY's theme this week was FOUND OBJECTS. I had a few things which fitted the bill -
Found whilst digging my veggie patch - 1 large, rusty and very old handmade horseshoe (?) nail
Found just this morning whilst clearing up bits of bark from the firewood stacked outside the cottage - butterfly wings !!! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them under some pieces of bark, how lucky was that? They are so delicate, yet so brightly coloured
Found whilst trying to tidy up the hedge at the front - richly coloured dried up bay leaves from the bay tree which had died in February during the really big freeze
Found whilst looking for an envelope in a little drawer in our armoire - dried flowers between lots of cards and paper stuff.
This is the tag I made with those found objects -

This week's inchie challenge, LABYRINTH, really gave me a headache. There was no way impatient little me would be able to draw a neat little labyrinth on a one inch square, so instead I came up with this -

I just drew the entrance to the labyrinth, lol. Just in case you can't make out what it is, that thing in the middle is the patch, and those green things with brown trunks are meant to be trees, oh, and there are dark green bushes under the trees of course. You don't want any gaps in a labyrinth, do you? Pathetic effort, lol, I know. Ah well, can't win them all.

Thats all for today.Tomorrow I'll share a few more brocante finds with you. Some quite beautiful religious treasures and a few other bits and pieces. Until then,
toodlepip xxx


Mom E. said...

I love your tag Liz, that little girl is so cute and all the things you found fit together so nicely!
have a great day!

Rhonda said...

To use your found butterfly wings on a gorgeous tag is brilliant!! It is so gorgeous, Liz. You've inspired me to use some nature in my art.
xo Rhonda

Anonymous said...

I adore this tag! Brilliant!

Yitte said...

Beautiful tag your founds match perfectly with the sweet little girl. Love the pic's of the flowers. It shows the warmth of the sun in the colors of the flowers.
Have a nice sunny weekend

Rebecca said...

You absolutely AMAZE ME! I love every single thing you create! SWOON!


vicki said...

Liz- I'm so happy for your warm sunny days. Your flower pictures are gorgeous- I love the photo of the pink rose!!

How wonderful to be able to use your findings in a collage-- so special-- it's truly beautiful!

Enjoy every day!

Alexandra Eitel said...

STUNNING!!! Das Tag mit diesen Flügeln sind einfach nur schön.