Thursday, 10 May 2012

Grandfather is baking??

Actually, my DH, grandfather to two gorgeous girls, is very good at baking cakes. But the title is somewhat misleading, lol, it refers to this week's Every Inchie Monday and Tag Tuesday challenges. The inchie challenge this week is "Grandfather" and the Tag Tuesday challenge is "baking".

Firstly, the GRANDFATHER inchie -

Maybe he had been mixing and using too many of the chemicals from the lovely old laboratory carrier you can see in the middle pic.
Background is a small fragment of French text,  a tiny pic of grandfather when he was still young and experimenting with the chemicals, lol, and some small butterfly wings I found in the bag of images I had taken to France with me.

Next, this week's tag "BAKING" -

The background is a piece of fabricy paper from a Le Rustique cheese box. Yummmm, delicious camenbert. The image of the little girl I had in my image stash. I had used it before for a tag I made to go with a purchase of a vintage French madeleine baking tray. And of course the stamped words are all wonky because little Madeleine did them. Ahem. Thats my excuse and I am sticking with it.

Today is the most glorious day here in Bourgogne. It has been a long time coming but today the sun is shining, the sky is blue and the temps have risen by about 12C since yesterday. It is a heavenly 27C!!! So in a little while we will be heading over to our bestest Dutch friends Frank and Christine and their doggie Rozi and spend the afternoon/early evening with them, lounging about in the garden and watching our doggies all play together.

So, toodlepip for now, and  hope the sun is shining on you wherever you are. xxx


suziqu's thread works said...

And he's still looking gorgeous!
That "Baking" tag takes me back to my own childhood standing on a chair helping my mother stir the cake mix (or rather eating it!). I have such fond memories of those times. She used to make such beautiful heart shaped sponges to which she always added a fresh rose from the garden!
Have a lovely afternoon sun shining with your friends and playing with the dogs!
Big sunshine (at last!) hugs,

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz
The baking tag is wonderfully nostalgic and radiates a retro warmth.

Queenie Believe said...

Yep the sun is shinning and there is blue skies here in Arizona. We are blessed with sun shine and more sun shine here in the Valley of the Sun. Last evening we did have a wild spring thunderstorm, definitely not a regular weather occurance.
Your baking tog is wonderful!!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Dorthe said...

HAPPY,happy for you that you got some sunshine at last ,my dear Liz- and I can see you got time to play in your crafterwan,even you maybe would have prefared staying in the sun!!
Such handsome grandfather, love his wings, and the sweetie baking her cake, is a lovely ,lovely ATC.
Now you are maybe home from visiting your friends, and I hope you had a wonderful afternoon all together.
Wish you a cosy evening Liz.
Hugs and love -from rainy Bornholm--Dorthe xx

trisha too said...

very fun, both of them!


Lynn Stevens said...

What a sweet inchie and your tag is just too cute for words Liz.
Doing some catching up as I'm so far behind.
Glad to hear its finally warming up there, I'm sure your enjoying your time in the garden and the much needed sunshine.
Hugs Lynn

vicki said...

Hi Liz- so happy your weather has turned lovely for you! You are always busy creating aren't you!! The newest tags are both lovely-- the baking one is my favorite!
Have a wonderful Mother's Day--