Monday, 15 June 2009

What am I preparing? Silly Monday game

I have just returned from a long town walk with a bunch of German school kids, and what a fun bunch of teenagers they were, too. We had a good laugh wombling through town, up and down them there hills, lol, and thats probably why I am still feeling a little mischievious. So I thought I'll play a little game with you. Have a look at this photo and tell me what I am preparing. Hmmm, lunch perhaps? A fondue? A salad? Just because I have mentioned those, doesn't mean thats not it, it could be, and I am just trying to throw you off the scent. Could it be something else altogether?

Well, the first person who guesses correctly, will receive.................... a PRIZE! What sort of prize it'll be will depend on the person, I mean, I wouldn't want to send you a choccie something if you hate choccies, or a bit of vintage lace if you are 50s girl. It'll only be something small and insignificant, but then this is only a silly little Monday game.

I am going to keep this open until tomorrow, so don't be shy about leaving your guess on here, even if you have never commented on the blog before. Happy guessing and good luck!


Floss said...


It took me ages but I reckon it's not food at all, it's something needed for the preparation of soap.

So that's my final offer for today...

I wonder if I'm right?

Thanks for all your encouragement on my Edinburgh shopping - I did very little today as my mum is not too good and I've found an 'at home' prpject which I will share with you some time this evening.

Kitchen Crafter said...

Hi Liz
Oooo what could it be! I am very tempted to say cheese and pineapple on sticks, very retro, but here is my guess.. Is it beeswax for a beeswax soap perhaps? Not knowing anything about the mysteries of soap making though, this is a total guess! Can't wait to find out!
Sally x

Sarah said...

Ah yes, had a bit of a looksie on your soap blog and it looks a bit like your disaster. Maybe it's cut up soap? I have no idea of the contents of soap so it's a bit hard to give the right terminology for these things. But definately a soap ingredient. Love your soaps by the way, so pretty and fab all lined up, like your fabrics actually. I don't actually want to win, as you've already posted me something special. But I do love a challenge!

Betsy said...

I know this is over, but I knew it was your soap! it does look quite like cheese, too, however!