Friday, 19 June 2009

I am a happy bunny

There I was, having a cup of tea whilst looking at my blog and reading posts from my reading list, when I came across juanitatortilla's post about the winner of her giveaway. I looked, rubbed my eyes, took a sip of tea, looked again, and it hadn't changed............. it still said lululiz in lalaland!!!! I had won her wonderful giveaway! OMG, I was so excited, just have a look here to see what the giveaway was. Gorgeous, or what?

Then I read Sarah's ( Red Gingham ) post and was delighted to see that my fabrics had made it safely to the other side of the world. And Sarah liked them, yay. I can't wait to see them in her quilt.

Another good thing - For the last few days, I had been halfheartedly looking for the bulk of my ribbons, which I had put somewhere in a safe place. You know, one of those places you think you are bound to remember, and never do, lol. I had some ribbons, mostly christmassy ones, in a drawer, but I knew I had a whole lot more, just couldn't remember where! And I really wanted to find them before I started making the lavender hearts and door hangers and pretty little lavender sachets etc etc. And lo and behold, this morning I finally found them. In a box which I had looked at at least two dozen times but not opened because it was in a cupboard with lots of photo albums, slide reels etc. Most of the ribbons are not really suitable for what I wanted, but I found some which could be useful, what do you think?

I also found a few bits of braid and bobble trim -

Oooh, and this really pretty cord trim to edge little pincushions with, or little sachets -

And how about this wide braid trim? It just screams 60s -

Sadly, the lavender I have been waiting for all week still hasn't turned up, so I can't make anything before the fair on Sunday. Ah well, I'll make some for the next one. Right now all I am going to make is a cup of tea!


Hippy at Heart said...

Those ribbons are gorgeous L. I love them all but have a real soft spot for the chicken one. They would all be ok for sachet type things, and I can't wait to see the finished sachets.

Sarah said...

Good luck with the sales this weekend. Lovely lot of braids and ribbons you have there. forgot to say thanks for the piece of lace you sent around my fabrics. It's just lovely and will fancy something up nicely. Love your basket of silk ribbons. Have you done silk ribbon embroidery? I have a thing for the decorative bits, especially braids and ribbons. My favourite ribbon would be the pink polka dot one, it's so colourful.

Right I'm off to cut some pretty little squares out. Might look familiar to you!

cheerfulness said...

Those ribbons are amazing - especially love the daisy one.
Have been thoroughly enjoying reading your blog with my morning wake me up coffee each day. :o))

ruth said...

OMG---The daisy ribbon is to die for. What a wonderful collection. Good luck tomorrow

Ruth XXXXxxxxxx