Saturday, 20 June 2009

Well, grrr to blogger

It seems that because I prepared and saved my Garden party post last night and posted it this morning, it doesn't show up as posted this morning, but as posted last night. So it is way behind my last post, lost in the depths of other posts, lol, and it probably means I am missing the garden party altogether! How silly is that, grrr, why doesnt it show the time of posting, rather than the time of drafting??? Ah well, I shouldn't get too miffed, after all, it IS Floss's birthday and I am going to have a celebratory drink and get over it, lol.


Sarah said...

I've just been having a good old nosy at your blog. And I just can't believe it! You never told me that you were a crochet goddess!! You have made the most gorgeous, wonderful, fabulous things out. No wonder you were bullying me into fishing my squares out of the drawer. I just might get them after seeing all those lovely sights. Thanks for the new inspiration. Of course I will have to wait until I return from the beaches of France!

Sarah said...

Guess what???? I got those jolly crochet squares out last night and have joined the first row!!! It looks good what I've done too which surprised me. I even seem to have even amounts of stitches to join. Quite a miracle really. Check out my blog today for pics.

Lululiz said...

Woohoo, finally! And about time too, madam! Off to check out the pics on your blog xx