Friday, 5 June 2009

A cushy number

Yay, I managed to finish the cushion I have been crocheting over the last week or two, for myself this time, and with Lucy's instructions, it was a breeze. Doing a ripple pattern seems to be quite hypnotic, I found myself drifting off to goodness knows where a few times in the evenings. You know, the best thing about crocheting something is that you can pick it up anytime, spend a few mins doing a row or two, and put it down again to carry on with all those mundane task we have to deal with every day. I did that quite often, and it is surprising how quickly the project will grow if you do that.

So here it is, my ripple cushion, made with left over yarns from the granny blanket and the Lucy bag -

I wanted to make a feature of the envelope style closure, so instead of having it on the back of the cushion, I decided to have it on the front. I tried to make the little ties look like stems and leaves

The back is just plain unadorned ripple, and I did a simple shell edging on the sides of the cushion

And now I am itching to start something else, lol, crocheting really is very addictive. Don't know yet what it'll be though, hmmm, will have to have a good think.


Anonymous said...

Your cushion is fabulous, you have inspired me to have a go. xxx

Liz said...

What can I's so pretty!!

Floss said...

That is fantastic! I truly have no idea how you do it!

Sarah said...

What a fabulous cushion! I love your other one too, you are very clever. Such pretty colours, nice and girly. I am progressing very slowly with my crochet. Would love to learn how to do those pretty edges. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. Maybe we should do a fabric swap?

Lululiz said...

Girls, you are so lovely, thank you so much for your comments. They really do encourage me to try out new things. Guess what I am doing now, lolol - I am trying hexagons! I made one, but find the prospect of joining them as I go very daunting indeed. Ah well, just have to follow Lucy's instructions very carefully.

Melanie, I am so happy you are giving it a go! Be warned, its addictive, lol.

Floss, I emailed you.

Sarah, I would love a fabric swap. I couldn't find an email addy for you, can you email me, please? Oh, and those shell edgings, Lucy explains them very well on her bag instructions, easy peasy.

cathleen said...

What a really pretty cushion you made!!!