Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Mishmash post

It has been a beautiful morning here on the Sussex coast, warm and sunny, so it wasn't too much of a hardship to do yet another two hour town walk with a group of German school kids, over here on a school trip. I did get somewhat hot and bothered, phew, the road up to the castle hill is VERY steep, but the wonderful views from the top are so worth it! One of these days I will have to take my camera and do the walk on my own, there are so many lovely things to see in the Old Town.

It did mean, however, that my brain got a little fried in the sunshine and now refuses to co-operate with me, I will probably babble about all sorts of things, lol. Before it gets totally out of hand though, I want to thank Sarah, Red Gingham, for the lovely award she gave me, and the nice things she said about me in her post. Sarah, the package must be about half way by now, surely! See what I mean, these odd little thoughts creep into the post, hmmm, I hope it doesn't get any worse.

Remember I was making those hexagons for a little cushion for the cottage? Well, I got a little carried away with those hexagons, sigh, its just too addictive this crocheting lark, and I am going to end up with such a huuuuuuuge cushion, lol. But I have stopped now, done the half hexagons for the sides, and was just admiring my handiwork, when it dawned on me that not only will I have to sew in about a million bits of thread, I will also have to make a back for this enormous cushion! ARRGGGHHHHH, what on earth possessed me to make so many hexagons???

Right, on to the next thing. I have been making soaps again and it seems I am developing a bit of a cube mania at the moment. I have little tubs with different colours shreds and cubes sitting on my work table, and the temptation to sprinkle, sprinkle is just too great. Still, I really like the look at the moment, so thats alright.

Oooh, ooh, this reminds me, the little game I was playing yesterday. It seems Floss already knows me too well, lol, she guessed straight away that it had something to do with soap. You see, I had made this plain yellowy orangy soap, to shred and cube to put in other soaps ( see above ). But as I was cutting it, it looked so much like a really yummy cheddar to me, I just couldn't resist teasing you a little with it. It just looked too edible, and one could easily have sprinkled that on top of a salad and gotten away with it. Until whoever tucked into it starting foaming at the mouth, that is, lol. Anyway, Floss, email me your addy please, and I shall send you a little prize.

Grand, thats taken care of that, now what else was I going to say? Oh heck, I think I need a cup of tea first, brb, I am off to the kitchen!

Back again. Great, isn't it, how a cup of tea can revive you and put that little bit of sparkle back. And here is something else that adds sparkle to a girl's life - yay, costume jewellery, all sorts of things from Victorian to 1960s, just a few brooches and a couple of necklaces. Most of my other, sort of day-to-day necklaces are hanging up on a couple of coathangers, they don't make jewellery boxes big enough, lol. Hmm, I suppose I could use a suitcase, lol. Ah well, I like them hanging up like that, it makes it so easy to pick one. Anyhoo, back to the sparkly bits, here they are -

Here are a few more pics, first, a lovely little marcasite flower brooch

a leafy one

this is a lovely flowing shape with danglies

and a teeny clip on lapel brooch, not much bigger than my thumbnail

This is a gorgeous big old belt buckle, I love the delicate filigree design -

and a few precious little necklaces -

The next two bits are so beautiful, the top one is another clip on brooch, but really quite big, and below that is the most gorgeous belt buckle -

While I was upstairs in the bedroom, raiding the jewellery, I looked across to the mantelpiece, and this little corner of it, with the Japanese vases, the bridal tiara and the ostrich feathers struck me as so pretty, so here is a pic of that as well -

I am blogged out for today, and starving, and I really ought to get off the computer and do something housewifey. Would looking at my lovely lovely Sarah Smith dusters count as doing something housewifey??? I could put on an apron, I do have some, ermm, which I made when I was a little girl............


Liz said...

Your hexagons are great! I do that...get carried away and realise I've made too many squares etc!

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

What a gorgeous post! I love the crochet work, I look forward to being as good as that... still learning.. Have had 2 lessons so far and am loving it. I very much like your choice of colours. The jewellery was a real treat as I collect vintage jewellery!
Isabelle x

Sarah said...

Serious blog withdrawels today. Flippin' computer couldn't connect all day. I was lucky that I had a busy day, as a girl can get rather lost when her computer is down.

Love that crochet. why don't you use fabric for the backing? A nice crochet edging and you won't even notice the back. Look I've been crocheting for years, I know what I'm talking about! Oh that's right, you know about my squares!!

Sarah said...

Dropped your parcel off today. I've included a piece of that pav in it, hate for you to be hungry. Hope my aunt doesn't eat it on the way! Now seriously, if I can make one anyone can, no kidding.