Thursday, 18 June 2009

Don't I have anything better to do?

YES! Only about a million things, but then sometimes you start the day with the best intentions and somehow get totally sidetracked. I was such a good girl to start with, I was cutting the soap log I had made yesterday BEFORE 7am this morning, photographed the soaps, racked the soaps for curing, checked new blog posts on my reading list, saw my crochet instructions on the desk, and thats when things started to go wrong. I know I have some 70s Burda magazines ( German sewing magazines, with a few craft pages as well ), and I am so sure there are lots of lovely crochet projects in them. Darned if I know where the little b........ are though. So I started looking through bookshelves, boxes, more shelves, and I kept finding these lovely, interesting bits and pieces, french fashion magazines from the late 40s and early 50s, 50s and 60s dress patterns, fabulous old embroidery magazines, anything but the stuff I was looking for. It has taken me hours so far, checking out everything else I found, I mean, there could have been crochet patterns or some other interesting stuff in there, right?

Ah well, I thought I might as well take a few piccies of the things I found, they really are quite fascinating. So here are the pics, not much in the way of 70s crochet, but amusing nevertheless.

These wonderful embroidery patterns are French. You have probably seen those beautiful old French linen sheets with the fabulous embroidered initials, and these sort of broadsheet fold-out magazines supplied the patterns

This cut work design would have probably been used on the neckline of nightdresses or on the legs of those fabulous bloomers

Just a pretty floral design for a little table centre perhaps

I had to laugh when I saw this design called " Camping ". Isn't it great, little piggies, well, making pigs of themselves at the picnic, lol.

And these little ducks are just adorable

I also found a whole bunch of late 40s/early50s fashion magazines called Le Petit Echo de la Mode. Just look at these fabulous dresses and lingerie

And just how cute is this apron? I want it, I really really want it!

This is what all the best dressed kids would take on holiday -

Sigh, I wish I could wear dresses like that, don't have the waist for those anymore, lol -

The next lot of pics are from a 1950s magazine -

I love these tops, aren't they just so pretty?

Do you have a little doggie, by any chance? Fancy making him/her a little coat?

Thse next two pics take me straight back to my childhood. I seem to remember having a skirt similar to the one the little girl is wearing, and I know that somewhere I have a photo of one of my brothers wearing a very similar knitted outfit!

I have some vintage French dress patterns as well, shame I don't have the figure to make use of them anymore

I had one of these capes when I was a teenager and I loved it, my mummy had made it for me

And on to the 70s! These are from a 1973 Womans Own magazine.

Apparently this was made with a "daisy maker" whatever that was. I wouldn't mind having one of those and giving it a go, it looks really pretty

Nice crochet blanket! With instructions, if you want to give the pattern a go. You should be able to read it if you click on the pic to enlarge it, if not, email me if you want the instructions and I'll scan the page in -

And look at this flower brooch, snazzy or what? Again, with instructions, I am definitely giving this one a go -

And thats all, folks. Now I really really have to get on with other stuff. I have another fair on Sunday and I am so behind with the preparations, arrgghh.



Hippy at Heart said...

Lovely stuff again there L. I love the ball gown patterns, wish I had a figure for them an all. Love the apron too. We must make it, are there any instructions for it? I'd love to have a go. LalaLander's pinny. Must be pink and fluffy.

Floss said...

Great pics - I can quite see why you were distracted! I THINK I had a daisy maker in the 70s. If I'm right, it had a circle of pins on it around which you wound the wool to make petals, and then you used a needle (I guess) to sort of weave/sew the middle part. I'll have a look around my 70s books when I have the time ('Wonderful Things to Make with Wool'... of COURSE I kept it!)

Thanks so much for emailing me! Things got a bit crazy as I left Edinburgh - my sister was sleeping in the room with the computer, so I couldn't blog, and once I got home it's been full steam ahead to tidy the house, get back to work, and prepare for two parties (Son 1 will be 12 on Tuesday!). I don't think I'll have much time for blogging except to host the Garden Party, but it was awefully nice that you took the time to check I was OK. Thanks!

juanitatortilla said...

I ADORE those French dresses featured in the patterns, and the crochet blankets as well.

Guess what, you're the lucky winner of my giveaway!
Please e-mail me your mailing address, as I want to send these "teal and blue" winnings to you as soon as possible :)
Congratulations! And I hope to hear from you soon.

P.S. My e-mail address can be found at the right side-bar of my blog (not revealing it here for safety reasons, I guess!)

Lululiz said...

You could have knocked me down with a feather, lol, I actually won something! Well, not just "something", it is a fabulous prize, just have a look at it here -

I am such a very lucky girl, thank you so much!

Betsy said...

I remember the daisy maker from the 70's it was all the rage here too, I never made one, but I saw them at other people's houses. They did get stuck to things easily with all those loops...
Love the patterns, they are a hoot! And look at that waist! Wow!