Saturday, 13 June 2009

Trip to the post office

I know, that doesn't really sound very exciting, and normally it wouldn't be, but this time, it was quite a nice trip, because I wombled off to post the fabric to Sarah, Red Gingham, in New Zealand.
That was quite exciting by itself, really, but because I didn't have the car and walked into town, I just happened to pass a couple of charity shops. Honestly, they WERE on the way! And that turned out quite exciting, lol.

Well, I got excited, but then it doesn't take much, lol, and you will probably wonder what all the fuss is about. But look, look! This is the prettiest tray I have seen in ages! It is so over the top, with its shiny gold decorations, the intricate designs, the romantic centre scene, just everything!

It is quite a decent size as well, almost 16 inches across, and has a nice deep rim. Condition is pretty darned good as well, there are only a few minor scratches, which are hardly noticable, they get rather lost in the busy design. Apparently, it was designed by Daher, Long Island, NY, but manufactured here in England. Sigh, I am liking it a lot.

I also got this small silver plated oval tray in the same shop. Just the right size for a cup of tea and a plate of bickies, don't you think?

Oh, and in another shop I found these totally delicious, so so pretty side plates. They are Austrian and I love the way the colour background in the centre fades towards the outside.


I found this 70s crafts book, which brought back so many memories

Just look, macrame plant hangers! I made loads of those and had them all over the house in the 70s, I loved making them and I loved looking at them as well, with all that greenery, some of my rooms were veritable jungles!

Oh oh, seed pictures, I used to make those with the boys when they were little, we had so much fun doing that

Shellcraft, I had always wanted to give that a go, but thats one thing I have not gotten round to, yet. I do remember coming back from Florida with a box full of shells, intending to make some shell boxes. Thats as far as I got. Hmm, must try and find that box.

Aren't those shell fowl just amazing?

Hmm, what else was there in the book that I found particularly interesting? Ah yes, the felt flower necklace. Now there is something which seems to be in fashion again these days, I have seen a few felt flower necklaces and bracelets at recent craft fairs. This is the 70s one -

I really liked these embroidered gloves as well, tres chic.

And then there was crochet, of course, can't imagine the 70s without crochet, right? When I saw this picture, I was really really glad that my youngest son had gone off to France with DH, because I know exactly what he would have said - Mum, how did that photo of you get into that old book? LOLOLOL.
Oh, and look at this delicious crocheted cherries trim for your kitchen. Yummy.

And I loved the design of this crochet flower

on this pretty fab crochet jacket

I have just realised that my tummy is rumbling like mad, I have blogged right through lunchtime, I am hungry! I am off to raid the fridge/larder/freezer.


Floss said...

Fantastic finds! I can't believe the crafts in that book are so appealing, even now. I had some 70s books as a child and they aren't as good. I'll have to look out for that one once I get charity shopping again on Monday!

Feeling haunted by some malevolent sprit, which sat on my shoulder and squawked at me all day (lol) I was driven to a computer shop this afternoon and have bought a card reader! Thus I can, and have, put some pickies of my new treasures on my blog! I think they're probably as good as yours - we have both been doing well...

Sarah said...

How many op shops did you pass? Oh wow I just noticed that lovely crochet photo next to me, with the flowers on it. You are amazing! I love it. Now I am getting excited about my fabrics!! I've just got home from a little trip to a certain shop, hint, hint. In the pouring rain I might add! When will it stop raining.

Will have to do a little wrapping myself today. Like that silver tray by the way, good find that one.

Sarah said...

Hi Liz, pop over to my blog and get yourself a lovely surprise!

Betsy said...

Such fun items you found, Love the 70's book! I had a macrame plant holder my sister made us for a wedding were in florida at some fun!