Wednesday, 10 June 2009


but not from the garden! Fact is, I only have a couple of rose bushes in the garden, and they are VERY old and not all that brilliant. Also, when it rains, they get heavy and tend to droop over the front path ( which is windy and steep-ish ) and you can't help brushing against them and getting showered in droplets. Which is exactly what happened to me this morning when I went out shopping. Humph. Plus, the roses which I did brush against dropped their pretty pink petals all over me and the path!

However, being covered in rose petals and rain droplets made me think of all the rose fabrics I have acquired over the years. There is such a vast variety, from the prettiest faded 19th Century rose fabrics ( which I have sold ages ago, waah ) to the funky 50s textured ones, the modern 70s/80s one and the brand new treasures by designers such as Lene Bjerre, Cath Kidson, Cabbages & Roses ( which I hanker after, sigh ).

So, have a look at the vastly different fabrics which I have pulled out of my fabric stash. Its only a small selection of rose fabrics, just a little tasteroo -

Starting off with some small designs

to some larger designs, which I love, framed with plain antique French linen, preferably unbleached

And here are a few more modern ones, a mix of dress and curtain fabrics

These fabrics from the 50s I really adore, their weird and wonderful texture makes them so very tactile, and I do love fondling fabrics, lol ( I know, I am a very sad case ) -

The second fabric above is like a huckaback towel, very odd but very lovely.

And this one, well, is that shiny or is that SHINY?

The last one is probably one of my favourite rose fabrics. I got it at a vide greniers in Bourgogne. It was all scrunched up at the bottom of a box under the table, and the stall holder laughed herself silly when I asked to buy it. Ok, so it had tiny holes, was torn in places and made up of small pieces sewn together, but it was sooo beautifully faded! 50cents later it was mine, all mine! The colour of the roses is a really fabulous dusky pinky apricot, and the leaves are a very faded olivy green. I just adore it. And one day, whatever I'll be able to salvage between the little holes, will be used for a very special project. Of course, I have no idea what that'll be yet, lol

Now I am suffering from fabric overload, so thats enough for one day. More fabric fun another day. Byeee for now x


Floss said...

Sweet, sweet roses. Are some of the 50s fabrics what people call bark cloth? I was confused by that name for ages but it seems that you have some good examples of it there.

Much against my better judgement, after the last time, I have tagged you! It's a very, very easy one, thankfully, and if you could just avoid mentioning catchy 80s pop songs I may get through this one with my sanity unimpaired! Other than that, I really enjoy reading your posts, as well as looking at your pictures, so I'm looking forward to anythng you have to share with us...

Lululiz said...

Dear Floss,
you will find that I have posted a VERY suitable reply on your blog. All I'll say here is, REVENGE IS SWEET, mwuaahh!!! Darn, now I have to start thinking of what to actually write for the tag, hmmm.

juanitatortilla said...

These rose fabrics ARE lovely! I can see why you love that faded and torn piece, it has "worn out" to a very pretty stage.

Thank you for taking part in my Giveaway! Good luck!

cathleen said...

I love looking at all your rosy's just so pretty!

Betsy said...

LOve your rose fabrics! So pretty!