Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Another fair to prepare for

I have booked a stall at a two-day fair this weekend, and because it is quite a long way from where we live, I have decided to stay over, to camp in fact. My darling son N, who always goes with me to these fairs, to help set up and take down, and generally keep me company, isn't too impressed with the idea of camping with his mum, lol, and I can't say I blame him. Bless him, the promise of a few Magners, French bread and pepperoni sausage might have just about done the trick of roping him in though. I certainly couldn't cope without him, so I might have to throw in a dinner at his favourite oriental restaurant next week as well.

We'll be leaving Friday afternoon to set up, so now I am frantically getting a few last minute things ready. My long awaited lavender buds have finally turned up today, so now I am VERY busy making a few drawer scenters, lavender sachets, stuff like that, which goes with the soaps etc. I am also taking a few other things with me, vintage huckaback towels, antique French towels, all nicely bathroom themed.

Drawer scenters, made with antique French handspun linen and antique ticking, filled with gorgeous strongly scented lavender buds -

A set of three gorgeous little vintage huckaback towels, two pink, one yellow, and a single one with a very prettily embroidered rose border -

I gotta get back to the sewing machine, got so much more to do! This must be my shortest post, ever, lol. I might add a few more things to the post later on. Til then, toodleloo x


Liz said...

Mmmm lavender! I've got a lavender plant in my garden and although it isn't doing well this year it still smells wonderful!!

You certainly keep busy with your craft fairs...good luck!

Sarah said...

It may be short, but it's very sweet! I love those bags you've made. You clever girl!! Have you just fused the hearts on to them? The fabrics are so beautiful. Love the pretty pink things too. Good luck with sales this weekend. That's one sweet boy you have there! Bet he loves it really, you must be a blast!

Sarah said...

Jeepers girl you are so mean to me. I do what you want me to do, then you criticise my gorgeous work! Anyway how the heck am I supposed to block this thing? I have a board but not really sure what to do after pinning it on. Come on give me a hand will you?

Felicity said...

good luck at the fair, i love the things youve made already
felicity xx

Lace hearts said...

Wow, you're busy. I do hope it goes really well for you, especially if you are camping. That's real dedication. Your lavender bags are gorgeous. Enjoy yourself! x