Monday, 8 June 2009

I am not hooked, honestly!

I can stop whenever I want, lol. Yeah right, I tell ya, crocheting is very addictive, and when you find yourself picking up the yarn and hook at the oddest times just to do one more row, then you may have a slight case of crochet mania. Hmmm. Personally I prefer to see it as making the most of your day and filling gaps with something worthwhile.

After successfully completing a Lucy bag and a couple of cushions, I felt a bit more adventurous and wanted to go on to HEXAGONS! I made my very first one, which was a doddle with Lucy's instructions, and decided it was a good idea to take the yarns and hook to the craft fair on the weekend. Crocheting is so easy to put down and pick up again without any probs. I did get a few strange looks, sitting there behind my display happily crocheting away when there wasn't anybody at the stall, and I managed to make 5 or 6 hexagons during the day. I had intended to try the join-as-you-go method, but as I didn't have a clue what I was actually going to do with them, I just made single ones.

Not much to show yet, but hey, its a start!

You know what, bloggers are pretty amazing people. Take Sarah, Red Gingham for example, she lives on the other side of the world, yet she has my silly blog on her blog list and actually reads it! AND is handing out an award as well. Thank you, Sarah! And Floss, Troc, Broc and Recup' in France, who was also kind enough to give me an award, and whose posts always make me homesick for our cottage in France. But I love reading them, I look forward to a new one every day. And so often, when I read other people's blogs, I come across my blog on their reading list, and it just make me smile so much, to think that they are sharing all the silly things I post about. Now, before I go completely soppy, I had better get the hands off the keyboard, my butt off the chair, and myself over to my work tables and start making soap! Toodlepip xx


Quiltnbee said...

I'm another reader "from the other side of the world"! =-) I love your blog and you make me smile =-) I love seeing your boot fair gleanings and get a good giggle out of your sense of humor. I'm always very happy to see your blog show up on my updated feeds at bloglines =-) Cheers from DebbyMcC/Quiltnbee in California

Floss said...

You have followers from the four corners of the globe, by the looks of it! (how can a sphere have four corners, come to think of it?) You are great fun to read, and a great commenter too - I'm really glad you commented on my giveaway and we got to 'meet'! Thanks for mentioning me here!

Lululiz said...

OK, girls, now I am glowing, really, my face has gone all hot, lolol.
Debby, you made my day, you said such lovely things, thank you.

Floss, come on, we are in Lalaland here, and in Lalaland even a sphere can have four corners, alright? And I am sooooooo glad I finally did pluck up the courage to leave a comment on your blog. Well, the giveaway was darned good incentive. Giveaways are great fun, I really oughta have one as well, one of these days.

Big hug to both of you girls, and thank you again.

Sarah said...

You aren't that unobservant, hubby only just put that clock on today for people like you who are interested in the time difference. So really, you are fabulous in his eyes as he is really proud of it! He's a bit of a gadget man, I have to hold him back!!

Lululiz said...

Three cheers for the gadget man!!! Do thank him from me for putting the clock on, its great!