Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Tins, tins and more tins

You may have realised from previous posts that I love tins in any shape or size, because they are so very useful for storing iddy biddy items. Here is a small selection of my tins, some old, some new, but all very sweet in their own way.

A couple of lovely old Huntley & Palmer tins first -

This little cutie is one of my favourite tins. I just love the 50s design, and there is just so much to look at -

Aha, so this is where I have been going wrong, I didn't take my liver pills. I hope you gals all have a goodly supply lol, after all, you don't want muddy skin now, do you -

This tin is so delicately decorated, lovely pastel flowers, and I love the wavy edge -

I love love love the designs on this old Bird's custard tin -

Wild roses and catkins, loooooovely -

I found this one inside another tin which I had bought at a boot fair -

This pretty talcum powder tin fits in very nicely with a shabby chic pinky girly bedroom -

Right, lets have a look and see what else I have got, ah yes, Peter Rabbit, quite a recent tin, but sooo cute -

Nothing wrong with recent tins, right? They don't have to be antiques. As long as they have interesting designs, I'll get them and use them -

I love the background colour is this German tin, and the the vintage scraps -

Oh, and this is a gorgeous tea caddy tin, which I swapped for a product from my stall at the recent fair. It came from Suzanne's lovely vintage stall -

There you go, I think thats quite enough for one post, lol. Maybe I'll do some more another day. I have to get back to such mundane things as laundry, and preparing dinner, sigh.


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Ruth said...

Your home must be like Dr Who's Tardis --LOL !Love the powder puff tin

Betsy said...

Love your tin collection!! Do I WANT my liver Bile to wake up? I am not so sure....LOL