Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Whistling a fine melody in my undies

Oh good grief, I couldn't subject anybody to such a performance, doesn't bear thinking about, lol. Cringe. But there you have it, it is silly title day again today, trying to get the Every Inchie Monday challenge and the Tag Tuesday challenge into one blog title.

MELODY was the challenge word over at Every Inchie Monday. Whilst looking through my old sheet music books, I came across this wonderful song title, Ghost Melody, and of course I had to go with that one -

And over at the Tag Tuesday blog we are up to the letter U. I really wanted to do Unicorn, but could I find an antique or vintage image which I liked? No, I couldn't. But, while I was unpacking bits and pieces which I had brought back from France, I came across a couple of pieces of beautiful 19th Century undergarments, and that was it, I had to go with UNDIES! -

The background is an advertisement for corsets, and the Victorian young lady is wearing just such a contraption. My goodness, can you imagine being tortured like that? And still smile? The embellies are the sort of pinky/peach/flesh colours so often used for these female UNDIES. 

I have started taking pics of some of the things I have brought back from France, and will carry on editing them tonight IF my camera behaves. Hopefully, I will be able to post the pics tomorrow ( probably on the vintageland blog, as I don't want this blog turning into a shop promoter ).

Until then, toodlepip xxx


lynn cockrell said...

I agree, aren't we glad we don't have to wear corsets. It does look torturous!

Salma said...

wow, DAS nenn ich mal ne taille *shock*

furchtbar, ich wäre innerhalb von sekunden bewusstlos *hihi*

deine kunstwerke sind wieder mal bezaubernd - und ich muss gestehen, das kopfkino hat sich beim lesen deines titels SOFORT eingeschaltet *kicher*


Dorthe said...

You are so funny, my dear Liz :-) and me with my not alwayes satisfactory english,thought :undies is that briefs !! (did not know that word,untill looking it up!!) so can you see what came to my mind-OH mY GOODNESS !!!
But the inchie is wonderful with the sweetest ghost- and your tortured beauty , so lovely in the frame of old laces and trims!
Beautiful tag as alwayes , and so inspirering, -thankyou, friend!

suziqu's thread works said...

Hello Dear Liz
Love your little ghost melody and WOW! Love that Undies Tag!Boy if I had a waist like that I'd be proud to strip down to my corset any day. Gone are the days of those waistlines!
Sending sunshine hugs dear friend!
I'm behind with my emails but know I am thinking of you,

Vicki Boster said...

Haha--- you got our attention!!!! Lovely little tags dear Liz--

Can't wait to see your newest purchases!!


Anneke said...

what a lovely work liz and i like the design from the inchie very much.
i have eye problems but i don,t forget you.
have a nice weekend and greetings from Ann ( lasize )

Alexandra Eitel said...

Wunderschön deine Tags :)

Kelly_Deal said...

Lovely creations Liz!