Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Another Blissful Whites Wednesday in France

For this week's Blissful Whites Wednesday post, I have photographed a few items I have recently found at a couple of brocantes. We had glorious sunshine yesterday, and the whites were almost glowing in the afternoon sun.

I can never have enough antique French linen sheets. Real linen, not metis, not cotton. The plain ones I use all the time to cover the settees in the cottage. They are tough, they even withstand the daily onslaught by my doggies. And I so love the colour variations you get within the the fabric. Anyhoo, this is one I found the other day, heavy linen, centre seam and a sweet embroidered monogram. Nothing pretentious, just a really lovely country linen sheet -

Oh, that doily, it is such a pretty one, I couldn't leave it behind -

And then there is this bustier, one of my most favourite finds. The handmade broderie anglaise is incredible, so fine and so beautifully done -

This Victorian top is so delicate, hand made from the finest lawn cotton and lace. I love the fact that these pieces are one-offs, you'll never find another one exactly the same-

The monogram is tiny and so beautifully stitched -

The back is almost as pretty as the front, with the tiny little pleats -

I also snapped up this immaculate knotted filet lace bedspread. I adore these, they are so light and airy and delicate, and the designs are so pretty. They look fantastic on beds, but they also make the most marvellous window covers -

I was also going to show you some of the gorgeous old laces I found, but Blogger is driving me nuts, uploading pics is a right PITA. So I'll leave those photos for next week's Blissful Whites Wednesday.

Toodlepip xxx

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Sophie said...

Meine Güte, was für Spitzen-Träume.
Da schwelge ich ja schon beim Ansehen :-)

Liebe Grüße von Sophie x

June Macfarlane said...

Oh My such gorgeous lace. What beauty !!

Regina said... always find the most AWEmazing pieces!!


Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Oh,what lucky finds,dear Liz:)BWW

Createology said...

I am swooning with all this lace treasure. How very fortunate for you to be the caretaker of these precious pieces. Blissful Whites...

Dorthe said...

Beautiful, and so lovely finds, dear Liz- I love old linnen ,too- nothing to cope with that nowadayes!
The two gorgeous dress parts, oh my!! fantastic with The Broderie Anglaise piece- what an extreamly beautiful work!
Enjoy all this in your French paradise!
Hugs from Dorthe

Angela Betlewicz said...

I love all the white. So fresh and clean. I’m hosting a new linky party at

I would love to have you!

Victorian Tailor said...

You have some very special pieces, just beautiful!

lynn cockrell said...

Such beautiful finds! Was it all so pristine when you found it or did you launder them to get them that way. I have some heirloom linens given to me by a dear friend and I had to soak it and clean it with much care.

BECKY said...

So very lovely Liz! Makes me sigh to even think about shopping brocantes in France! Thanks so much for sharing your pretties on BWW!!
Have a lovely day!

Mom E. said...

these are gorgeous pieces....I tell you, you just have the nose for where these can be found! I love the tablecloth that can be used as a window dressing....WOW! Is that soft, or a little bit firm? It reminds me of some italian lace I have. Maybe it is a similar style. The "undergarments" or so beautiful! and that is just scrumptious! Can't wait to ee the rest of your finds!

Rhonda said...

Sigh, you always wisk me away with your beautiful finds. This is no exception. J'adore J'adore

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

GORGEOUS finds, dear Liz! Each piece is a treasure. You must have jumped for joy when you found them.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend with hopefully more fantatic flea market finds.

Mom E. said...

Congrats on your Billful White Wednesdays feature! of this post! I still think Jos would LOVE that Victorian top....we'll talk about that piece's availability. Senior Pictures are coming up, and it would be so cute. We are doing family pictures in August when all the family is here, and we will be including the vintage "attire" I have purchased from you! Can't wait! I know, I said that LAST YEAR!!!!
but I think it will happen this year!

Mom E. said...

Oh, and the lacde fillet too...availability!

Betsy said...

Yes, Liz,
This is the piece of fillet crochet I was interested in to use as a window covering....And now that you are back in France, this is still in the UK, right??? LOL Yes, I am still me!
talk soon!