Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Wonderful White Wednesday, tagalicious Tag Tuesday and marvellous Every Inchie Monday

Geez, until I went onto my blog to do a post just now, I had no idea that it has been two weeks or so since I put up my last post. Really? Two weeks? Only seemed like a couple of days to me.  Guess I have been kinda busy, lol.

Anyhoo, on to the wonderful Blissful Whites Wednesday linky party. While I was making tags the other day, I thought why not do something a little more exciting and alter a little box? So I did, and here it is -

It was very satisfying turning a humble little box into something a little bit more appealing.

Tag Tuesday, and we are up to the letter W. I almost picked WHITE, then decided on WINGS, and  had a beautiful Victorian angel with the prettiest wings in mind. And then I ended up with...... Her! WANDA! Wanda, the WINGED messenger. Yes,  you read it right, lol, not Hermes the winged messenger, but Wanda. She, errmmm, is his apprentice. Sort of..........

Feisty young lady she is.

Did I show you last week's tag? Nope, didn't, did I? Letter V, and I picked the Merchant of VENICE for that tag -

Last week's inchie theme was TABLE -

A matchstick for the legs, a scrap of Le Rustique cheese paper for the tablecloth and a badly drawn cup of tea and vase of flowers was all I could get onto the inchie. I was going to draw a cat curled up under the table, but decided that my drawing skills really weren't up to that ;-).

This week's inchie challenge is bed, and boohoo, I haven't made it yet, bad me. Will do so today though.

Almost time to take the doggies for their walk in the Firehills, so toodlepip for now xxx

Love Whites? Then check out all the other wonderful Bissful Whites Wednesday post over at the TIMEWASHED blog. Thank you, Becky, for hosting this much loved party.


Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Lovely creations, dear Liz! The box is delightful. So many pretty lace pieces - Yummy! Your Winged Messenger tag turned out very cool. She looks like a tough wonder woman kind of girl.
Have a great day!

Joy said...

Glad to see you're in top form there Madam. Hope you are OK, long time no speak. xxxx

Victorian Tailor said...


Karen B. said...

Sweet Liz,
every thing is so lovely. Your box though is my favourite one .. beautiful!
Many hugs
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Sarah said...

Love the box with all of its delicious laces and trims.

Sandy said...

I love your style - love the tag - I called armed and ready for the wings of love! Your style is so unique and you really inspire me!

Bente said...

Oh, the box is absolutely gorgeous.

marie said...

Love the box turned simple into spectacular!

The inchie is SO VERY CUTE!! Has me wishing for a picnic.

Rhonda said...

Well, you know I've been looking for your posts, LOL. I thought it was me.
Glad you are back.

Okay, love that table tag, that is the cutest I've seen all week. Adorable.

My goodness, that box is to die for. It's sweet sweet sweet.

Karen said...

Beautiful creations, you are so talented.

Mom E. said...

Love the box, girl...inside and out!!!! I ...oh, never know I'll get to it!!!! So many little courage!
I saw your tag on the Tag Tuesday Blog and commented on it there, I love that as well. The "V" Tag is beautiful! What a clever girl you are! glad things are looking up on your blog!

DILOU said...

De magnifiques réalisations!!!

BECKY said...

Your box is simply delightful, Liz! It doesn't even feel right to call it a box...more like a treasure!!
Thanks so much for sharing gal!