Thursday, 16 May 2013

Making tracks with a smile on my face

Sounds a bit silly? Of course it does, lol, you are right, time for this week's two challenges again. Over at Every Inchie Monday it was TRACKS, and on the Tag Tuesday blog we are up to the Letter S this week. 

I chose SMILE for the letter S and made this tag -

I thought her smile was a little teasing, a little coquettish, but also very sweet.

My Railway TRACKS inchie this week turned out to be a bit of a railway disaster, lol. Made the track with bits of metal coloured wood for the rails and black coloured straw for the sleepers. Just looks messy to me. 

Oh well, I'll try and do better next week.

It has been raining for days again here, so I have spent a little more time in the craftavan. I made another fabric cuff today! If the light is good enough tomorrow, I'll take pics and show you :-). And if the light is good enough for long enough, I might even be able to take pics of my brocantes finds.


Dorthe said...

I love her mischievous smile Liz,-she truly is a coquette - and the sweetest one... a very beautiful tag, with all the lovely laces and pearls!
Your inchie rails are maybe a bit wonky,lol- but very cherming, dear!
Hugs, and please sen me some rain, we are all dried up here :-(

Rhonda said...

Sweet, that smile is great! Your tags are so detailed, you do make the most beautiful tags I've seen.

Sending warm sunshine your way!

Robin said...

Your tags are always so gorgeous Liz! Have a wonderful day.


Mom E. said...

I LOVE the tag! it is so detailed and exquisite! I love the color effect you used, I don't know how you did it! the dangling beads are such a beautiful addition. You make the most beautiful things! Heart hugs to you, sweet friend!

Terri said...

Oh I love your tag! Just gorgeous! And your inchie is just fine! It is so hard to do inchies!
I received your beautiful ATC today! I have sent you an e-mail but wanted to mention here on your blog that it is just fabulous! Thank you so much!

bockel24 said...

sooooo beautiful!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Beautiful tag, dear Liz! We should call you "The Tagerette" :).
Sending hugs and love,

Belladonna said...

Wonderful tag, so unique!