Sunday, 5 May 2013

A French FOIRE

The French seem to have a FOIRE ( fair ) for just about everything under the sun, I have been to bread fairs, cheese fairs, chestnut fairs, jam fairs, plum fairs, Charolais cow fairs, goat fairs, and there are so many more taking place it seems every weekend ( except in the winter ).

Wednesday was a bank holiday in France, and as well as a brocante there was also a foire taking place in Luzy, a little town close to us. A fair for plants, chicken and other small farm animals. Oh why couldn't the weather gods have been more understanding and kind? The weather was, errmmm, capricious, to put it nicely. Mostly grey, often raining, the occasional ray of sunshine, so that the stall holders at the brocante could lift the plastic covers once in a while. Of course I found a few things, but it just wasn't much fun trying to engage with the stall holders in the pouring rain. 

But I did want to go and see the foire. I am so glad I did, the animals were so adorable!!! I could have taken the two little donkeys home with me, they were the cutest little darlings ever! -

It was very busy despite the rotten weather, so taking photographs was not easy. I fell in love with those gorgeous little fluff balls -

There were so many different birds to admire -

And my favourite of the fair, this most handsome cockerel, what a beautiful bird -

Toodlepip xxx


Salma said...

oh die esel sind aber wirklich süß! :) ich liebe esel... die nachbarn meiner eltern haben ein eselpaar, die hatten vor einigen jahren nachwuchs (also die esel, nicht die nachbarn *g*) - sooooo herzig *hach*

aber die armen vögelchen dort in den käfigen :( waren die die ganze zeit da drin eingesperrt? bei sowas blutet mir immer das herz... :/

alles liebe

Terri said...

Oh I agree, that cockerel is gorgeous! What fine feathers! Those are sweet donkeys too. I am an armchair farmer and love animals. I would have loved to visit this fair.
It seems like you are having the same weather there as we are here. IT has been cloudy and raining mostly this spring. Which is not normal for us.

Dorthe said...

UHHH they are so sweet, those dunkeyes and the littel ducks, and henns -well all of them are !!! :-)
Here we had the last animal fair last year, and that is so sad, as this tiny island have alwayes been a farmers island!!!
As for the rain we so misses water havent been raining almost all spring and all is so dry!!!
lIZ, dear happy sunday evening- and sleep well!

Romeo said...

Sloooooober, drool, drooooool, nom, nom, nom these are the most wonderfullest picfurs efur!!! Fluffy one, colored ones, plump ones....oh my the possibilities! Thanks for sharing your photos. Now I shall have to go and have the sweetest dreams efur ;)


Romeo the rotten kitty

Sophie said...

Herrliche Bilder wieder.
Geniesse diese schöne Zeit, Erinnerungen daran kann einem niemand nehmen.
Es ist so wichtig in Muße zu verweilen, und dem lieben Gott für alles dankbar sein.
Ich freue mich auch sehr, dass es endlich wärmer ist und alles grün wird und blüht.

Umarmung und liebe Grüße von Sophie

Mom E. said...

Love your pciture of the Foire! I have a "Kitty farm" this sporing, Did I tell you! right now there are only 7 sittens left. a few got sick and died and one bath we just never found wheree the Mama Kitty put them. We are trying to help a few get rid of eye infections. We think another ne of our girl cats is expecting. . . so Kitty Farm we may be this summer. one fall we havd literally 24 kitties! but many get killed by coyotes and vehicles on the road.
They do keep the mice down!

Lynn Stevens said...

Oh my gosh Liz, they do have a lot of fair's their! We only have one very large one that goes for a week. Every kind of animal you can imagine.

The rooster looks a bit like my Miracle.

Doing some much needed catching up.
Hugs Lynn

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

I would enjoy a lark like this! Love your photos.