Wednesday, 15 May 2013

No BWW today.....but I am going white anyway!

Thats because I promised you after last week's Blissful Whites Wednesday post that I would show you more of my antique and vintage lace finds. Becky is taking a well deserved break from BWWs until June 4th, so there will be no linky party on her blog, but I will continue with the Whites on Wednesday because I love it. So there.

It is getting more and more difficult to find old lace at the brocantes these days, but every now and then I get lucky and find a few pieces.  This gorgeous, very fine lace piece was part of a sleeve, I think. Soooo fine, so pretty -

Some pieces, like this one, need a jolly good soak -

others have rust marks, wich are very difficult to remove, but can be worked around sometimes -

Hand embroidered broderie anglaise is always so beautiful -

And then there are the very fine net laces, bobbin laces etc -

A pair of beautiful inserts -

And some pieces of thicker cotton laces, always great for using in collages etc -

Also found this tiny little treen needle holder and the tiniest little cotton reels at a stand where I  bought some of the lace -

For next week's Whites I'll probably take pics of the beautiful monogrammed table cloth and matching  12 serviettes. I love love love damask table linen, especially when it is monogrammed, so very Downton Abbey!


Wendy AppleApricot said...

YUMMIE!!! When they're finished (which they will be on day, for then they will all be bought and used... dreadful thought) then we'll have to do the crocheting/making of such beautiful laces ourselves I'm afraid...
Beautiful and yummie post Liz. Wishing you a jolly good day, hugs, Wendy

Judy McCarthy said...

Seriously gorgeous lace here Liz!

RoseMarie said...

Hello, What reason have you. Today it is very difficult, I would say almost impossible to find beautiful lace on the market today, but these pieces shown today are like little treasures! Precious! greetings, Rose Marie

Sarah said...

I am green with envy over your gorgeous finds. I definitely have a weak spot when it comes to pretty laces.

Vicki Boster said...

Liz your blissful whites are gorgeous!! The photos are stunning-- I love the ones of you holding the laces-- you have gentle hands:)

Your lace collection must be simply amazing--


morkaren said...

Åee hvor skønt, billede 10--11--12--og 13 har jeg også, jeg nænner næsten ikke bruge det, det er jo så smukt, og vidner om mange arbejdstimer for en kvinde i "gamle dage" knus morkaren.

Dorthe said...

Dear friend-
YES so beautiful, all- I also love the ones with rust,-they are marked of age, and lovely,too.
The thin laces of tulle, are amazing and the most beautiful pieces to find. I do that, but so very seldom, they are saved, and not cut in, even often not whole anymore, when getting to the fleamarkets!
Thanks for showing your abundance of beauty, dear Liz!
Hugs from Dorthe

Connie said...

These are beautiful and I know that you will turn them into treasures.
You are amazing and everything you touch seems to turn to gold. I visit often, but don't always leave a comment . . . devoted fan and follower, Connie :)

Marrianna said...

Beautiful laces! Congratulations on such a great find. In the US, at least in Northern Arizona, it's just as difficult to find pieces of old lace. In fact, it's getting harder to find anything vintage at our local thrift shops. The garage sale season is upon us but alas, nobody has vintage laces. I'm hoping for a church rummage sale soon. That's where I can usually find treasures. And Ebay and Etsy.

Love the laces.

Terri said...

You are talking my language! lol! I love lace, and your pics are beautiful. It is so thrilling to spot some affordable lace at a flea or thrift shop.
Thank you for sharing.

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

OMG Liz, These are such gorgeous laces again. You've been a lucky girl to find them. Thank you for sharing the beauty with us.
Have a happy week!

Mom E. said...

These laces are amazing...I love the very fine ones...they are so beautiful!

Alejandra. said...

wow, amo el encaje de bolillos, lo realizo desde pequeña, maravillosas puntillas de encaje de bolillos las tuyas.
Saludos desde Argentina.