Thursday, 27 September 2012

Steampunk Clock Fairy

This week's theme at the Tag Tuesday Challenge blog is CLOCKS. As I said on that blog, I think all this Halloween talk etc seems to bring out the darker side of me. When I thought of clocks, I thought of big old drafty English or Scottish mansions and castles with antique grandfather clocks, which chimed at the oddest times, or stopped working for a while and then got going again, missing pendulums and wind up keys etc. And responsible for all this is, of course, the CLOCK FAIRY, playing nasty little tricks.

This is her, don't wear your watch or sit near a clock while you are looking at her, can't be too careful where fairies are concerned -

I also needed to catch up with a couple of inchies, last week's WALL and this week's WIND inchies.

This is a moss covered field stone WALL -

and the WIND God blowing storm clouds across the sky -

Toodlepip xxx


A garden just outside Venice said...

Fabulous clock fairy! Amazing details!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hello dear Lizzie, I think your naughty clock fairy had been here some days ago and made our kitchen clock run slow, before she appeared on your super cool and very creative tag.
Big hugs to you,

Florence and Mary said...

The clock fairy tag is fabulous!

Victoria xxx

Juanita said...

Do YOU have a darker side? I hardly believe it :D

The wall is the cutest!!!

BTW, do you work on such tiny inchies with a magnifying glass? They really are tiny!

Dorthe said...

Hello dear Liz,
I love your clock fairy, she is so special, with her wonderful wings,and sweet face, even teasing with the clocks, I think she is a sweetie.
Your petite inchies are wonderful,too-
My!! it is starting to haul down here- real -unwetter- how are you doing in England wetherwise ?
Have a lovely evening my friend.

Yitte said...

I love your clock fairy. Her wings are beautiful. And so is your mose covered inchie beautiful????

Pat C. said...

Oh, I just love the clock fairy, and the adorable inchies, too! You have been full of surprises lately, and I just love coming here to see your latest wonderful creations!


Anni - Fabric and Mixed Media Art said...

Hi Liz your clock fairy is so beautiful and creatively made and so are your inchies, wish you a lovely weekend.
Hugs Anni

Mom E. said...

I Love her! She is so unique....and a freaky fairy!
I usually decorate my home in the fall with harvest and fall decorations and keep my Halloween Spookiness at a minimum, but she is fun!
Beautiful, Liz!! You always do such a great job....

vicki said...

Liz-- that clock fairy is totally amazing-- I can't even envision how you would think to use the clock parts in that way!! You are definately a superstar!

Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

Ohhh, your "lady" is very Scissorhandish. Wicked.

Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

Ohhh, your "lady" is very Scissorhandish. Wicked.