Monday, 3 September 2012

Eyeing up the world through a window

Yep, another cheeky and totally misleading post title, lol. I have been a bad incher, I missed the last two weeks of inchies and today the third one is due, so I spent some time in the craftavan catching up. And of course I wanted to get all three themes into the post title.

Two Mondays ago, the theme was "EYE". When I sat down at my little table today and started thinking about what to do, I immediately decided that I wanted big lashes. Nice, curly 3D lashes. I drew the eye, and was going to make the lashes out of black seam binding as I didn't have any black paper, but that didn't work out. Finally found some nice glossy black on the back page of a magazine. It is a steampunk kind of eye, lol, I used a washer, a tiny crocheted ring of sorts and an even tinier nut for the pupil -

Last Monday's inchie challenge was "WORLD". I really didn't want to draw a globe, errm, perhaps it was more a case of not being able to draw a globe, lol, so I decided to go with the saying - the WORLD is your oyster. That was much more fun. I used a real pearl inside the oyster! -

I wanted to show the beautiful WORLD surrounding us here at the cottage, but photographing such a teeny thing kinda killed the background. Just use your imagination and think of the pics I posted of the view many times before, lol.

And today's theme for the weekly inchie challenge is "WINDOW". Our cottage here in France has shutters, and I couldn't resist making shutters for my WINDOW inchie. I found the perfect size image of a man in a French antiques magazine, drew the window frame on him and attached the shutters -

(photographed on a brick to make it look like a house wall).

I am so glad I finally caught up with this challenge. 

We'll be returning to England on Sunday, with a car packed to the hilt with lots of lovely French treasures which I will be listing in the Etsy shop from Monday or Tuesday onwards. If I get the chance, I'll show some more recent brocante finds tomorrow!

Until then, toodlepip xxx


Dorthe said...

Hi my dear Liz,-
You have had fun I can see!
that eye with lasches and the washer and crocheted ring is so funny and great,and your world with the pearl is a wonderful way of showing the word...
Most I love your window frame with that frenchman inside (what eyes hehe)-and the wonderful pink shutters-
Liz I wish you a safe travel home to England, and can`t wait to see your news!
Hugs, Dorthe

Lyn said...

tiny works of art I really love the little window!

Floss said...

That eye is incredible! And like you, I do love shutters... Thanks for your comments recently - the rentrée is going OK, although we rather blew the budget on a scientific graphic calculator for Son 1 in lycée today... yikes!

Judys Fabrications said...

I love that eye!So clever!!
The little one with the flaps is cute too!

Pat C. said...

What a fun assortment of inchies! My favorite is The World Is My Oyster... beautiful in its simplicity.


Cheryl said...

Seriously, those are sooooooooo darn cute!!!! I have never made an "inchie".... I must look into this! lol
big hugs,

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh Liz you are just so clever! The eye -all the better to see you with!!!!
I love your pearl and oyster!
How creative is the French man at the window - he looks kind of spookey with those eyes!
Will send an email now!
Oh sad your time in France is almost over!
Wishing you big travelling home hugs,
Suzy x

Trillian said...

Wonderful inchies. The eye is just brilliant. But I love them all.

Mom E. said...

Love your inchies....I can't wait to see all your lovlies either!!!! I hope things are fine and fun at home....and your basement didn't flood like mine!

rtquilter said...

These are great Lululiz- ALL of them.

TinaW said...

I particularly like the man in the window. Great job!

Lynn Stevens said...

Liz it just amazing me how you get so much on those tiny canvases. The Eye one is really cool, laughed at the bloodshot part. LOL
and your shutters are just darling.
You have a safe trip and looking forward to seeing your finds.
hugs Lynn

Rebecca said...


LOVE it girly. Talent oozes from your fingertips!


MorningAJ said...

An amazing set of inchies there. I'm not sure which is my favourite. If I have to choose I'll go with the oyster - but it's a close contest.

Sorry I'm late with the comments - we've been on holiday.