Saturday, 8 September 2012

Flipping heck, look at this!

This is a very short post, as I am in the middle of packing up everything to go back to the UK tomorrow. But I wanted to show you this amazing Giveaway before its too late to enter, as I had a very good experience with this company.

Giveaway pic first, then I'll explain -

Isn't that the most fabulous stash of craft goodies? You can find the Giveaway post HERE.

This is why I am telling you about this. Often it is really difficult finding the supplies which are readily available in the States, for example, Oxford Impressions stamps, which are VERY hard to find in the UK. Craft Barn seemed to be the only company I could find.

I emailed the Craft Barn yesterday to see whether they had a couple of OI stamps in stock which I couldn't find on their website. Sandy replied quickly, telling me they didn't, but were ordering them and would I like to be emailed when they were in stock. YES, PLEASE! She immediately acknowledged that email, and this was nearly 10PM!!! I'd call that very very good customer service indeed.

Now I am keeping my fingers crossed for the Giveaway. I'd sure like to get my hands onto all those goodies.

Toodlepip xxx

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